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World - Region
8/26/2014 9:26:05 PM
Meetings between Saudi and Iranian officials has been proceeding on higher levels in an attempt to thaw relations between the sunnis and the shiites powerhouses int he Middle Eaast

World - Region
8/22/2014 7:07:13 PM
Iran's Foreign Minister is expected to head to Russia next week to discuss bilateral relations and cooperation between the two states

Egypt - Politics
8/19/2014 12:56:51 PM
US State Department spokesperson Marie Harf says president Abdel-Fattah El-Sisi is leading a democratic transition, strategic relationship with Egypt ongoing, government should tolerate dissent

Egypt - Politics
8/13/2014 2:52:57 PM
El-Sisi's recent meeting with Vladimir Putin on Tuesday did not draw US concern

Egypt - Politics
8/11/2014 8:59:37 PM
Relations between the US and Egypt have bettered since last summer, when the US suspended military aid to Egypt amid a crackdown on Islamists

Egypt - Politics
8/10/2014 9:30:52 AM
Egyptian President Abdel-Fattah El-Sisi will meet King Abdullah in Jeddah for talks that will include the latest developments in the region and bilateral relations between the two countries

Egypt - Politics
8/7/2014 4:31:19 PM
PM Mahlab discusses the latest developments in the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam with the Ethiopian PM Hailemairam Desalegn during the US-Africa Summit 2014

Sports - Egyptian Football
8/7/2014 1:12:34 PM
Zamalek Ultras announce their intention to violate stadium ban against Vita Club as relations with owner, Mortada Mansour continue to sour

Opinion -
8/4/2014 1:48:06 PM
The improvement in the Egyptian-American relations has nothing to do with public relations efforts

Egypt - Politics
7/27/2014 6:18:52 PM
Foreign minister Shoukry highlights importance of Egypt-Ethiopia relations in meeting with graduates

Egypt - Politics
7/18/2014 1:17:01 PM
Foreign Minister Sameh Shoukry says Egypt should maximise economic relations with the United States

Egypt - Politics
7/17/2014 11:26:03 PM
Shokri says relationships with kingdom have been excellent since July, 2013

Egypt - Politics
7/1/2014 1:35:41 PM
'Special bilateral relations' between Egypt and Gulf nations prompted prisoner release, says Egyptian foreign ministry aide

Egypt -
6/23/2014 12:18:35 PM
A meeting between Egyptian Foreign Minister Sameh Shoukri and US Secretary of State John Kerry focuses on cooperation in the fields of security, politics and economics

Egypt - Politics
6/22/2014 7:23:27 PM
Rania Badawy of the private satellite station Tahrir hung up on Ethiopia's ambassador to Cairo during a live call-in over the contested Grand Renaissance Dam

Egypt - Politics
6/22/2014 12:25:25 PM
US Secretary of State John Kerry is planned to congratulate El-Sisi and discuss bilateral relations

Egypt - Politics
6/20/2014 8:01:02 PM
In an interview with Ahram Online, Ambassador Mohamed Idris says that Egypt is working on formulating a coherent vision for Egypt-African relations

Books -
6/15/2014 2:37:05 PM
Agreement signed between Egypt and India aims to increase partnership in both countries' book fairs, as well as boost cultural relations

World - Region
6/12/2014 9:38:54 PM

Egypt - Politics
6/11/2014 4:06:50 PM
Commitment to bilateral relations comes after nearly a year-long diplomatic stand-off between Egypt and Turkey over Mohamed Morsi's ouster