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Egypt - Politics
7/22/2015 3:28:14 PM
Morsi unable to attend today’s court session for leaking classified documents to Qatar as a result of low blood sugar, the trial has been postponed

Life & Style - Health
4/26/2015 9:42:46 AM
Aspartame, which is about 200 times sweeter than sugar and widely used to sweeten diet sodas, has many health drawbacks.

Arts & Culture - Film
4/20/2015 10:33:32 AM
Searching for Sugar Man is one of the great musical stories of our time and tells the tale of two fans on a search for a musician assumed dead for years

Business - Economy
4/19/2015 3:56:36 PM
The Egyptian government with conduct a probe into a recent increase in sugar imports that contributed to pressure already felt in its domestic sugar industry

Business - Economy
4/17/2015 12:00:00 AM

Life & Style - Health
3/5/2015 9:26:19 AM
The U.N. says people should slash their intake to just six to 12 teaspoons per day - an amount that could be exceeded with a single can of soda.

Egypt - Features
1/4/2015 8:28:01 PM
Ahram Online takes a stroll through Bab El-Bahr, to visit with the embers of a dying tradition associated with Prophet Mohamed's birth

World - International
12/1/2014 7:57:53 PM

Arts & Culture - Film
10/21/2014 2:51:14 PM
The Dubai International Film Festival (DIFF) has announced the initial list of titles competing in its Muhr Short Competition, part of the festival's 11th edition slated for 10-17 December

Life & Style - Health
9/18/2014 12:35:45 PM
Think of artificial sweeteners as a way to evade diabetes? Think again.A new study points out to the contrary.

Life & Style - Health
9/7/2014 8:53:22 AM
Future sensors promise no more annoying or painful finger pricking to check on blood suger level

Business - Economy
8/4/2014 11:27:58 AM
Government plans to raise its sugar production to two million tonnes from 1.1 million tonnes to meet demand for subsidised sugar

Business - Economy
5/20/2014 6:56:41 PM
Tunisian to see an increase of subsidised oil price by 6.3 percent. The government will also decrease food subsidies

World - International
4/28/2014 9:58:24 AM

Multimedia -
3/31/2014 9:45:30 PM

Business - Economy
3/31/2014 9:42:13 PM
Sugarcane, dubbed the 'lazy crop' by farmers, has high cultivation costs and low profitability, say small-scale farmers in the Upper Egyptian province of Qena

Life & Style - Health
3/12/2014 9:27:41 PM
A new smartphone application aiming to help diabetics is launched and waiting for final approval be June

Life & Style - Health
3/6/2014 12:54:12 PM

Heritage - Folk Arts
1/13/2014 8:06:29 AM
As Egypt celebrates the Prophet Mohammed's birthday, Ahram Online remembers the one and only moulid doll — a fixture in childhood memories for generations

Business - Economy
12/24/2013 12:35:01 PM
Syria purchase flour through an Iranian credit line for the second time this month

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