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World - International
10/10/2013 10:19:55 AM
With Asian countries like China sitting atop a mountain of Treasury bonds, Chinese Premier Li Keqiang expresses 'Beijing's concern about Washington's debt-ceiling problem'

Business - Economy
10/4/2013 9:19:46 PM

World - International
10/4/2013 11:01:14 AM
The US Treasury warns of 'catastrophic' consequences if there is no deal within weeks to raise the country's debt ceiling

Business - Economy
10/3/2013 5:09:51 PM
Downturn ahead worse than Great Depression if Congress fails to raise federal borrowing limit, US treasury says

Business - Economy
9/13/2013 1:49:14 PM
U.S. Treasury yields and dollar rose on Friday after Japanese media report that U.S. President Barack Obama was close to naming former Treasury Secretary Lawrence Summers to head Federal Reserve

Business - Economy
7/4/2013 9:26:00 PM
Central Bank of Egypt to offer three-month treasury bills this week worth LE3 billion at average interest rate of 14.1 percent

Business - Economy
5/12/2013 11:55:27 AM
Funds will be channeled into Egyptian treasury bonds with lower interest than 5% previously requested by Gulf nation

Egypt - Politics
4/30/2013 12:31:49 PM
With an offer in the backdrop to buy Egyptian $3 billion worth of treasury bonds, Qatari prime minister arrives in Cairo

Business - Economy
4/29/2013 9:13:16 PM
Qatar has requested a 5% interest rate on the $3 billion worth of Egyptian treasury bonds it plans to buy

Business - Economy
4/28/2013 2:19:21 PM
Interest rate on $3 billion worth of Egyptian treasury bonds to be acquired by Qatar will range between 4% and 7%, according to minister

Business -
4/21/2013 11:40:37 PM
Average yields on 91-day Egyptian treasury bills fall to 13.317 percent; yields on 273-day t-bills to 14.201 percent

Business - Economy
4/10/2013 9:00:10 PM
Aid to be provided in form of Egyptian treasury bonds or deposits in central bank in coming days, Qatari PM says

Business - Economy
4/10/2013 8:44:57 PM
Source at Central Bank of Egypt (CBE) says fresh financial aid pledged by Qatar to Egypt would be in form of treasury bond purchases

Business - Economy
3/24/2013 5:56:06 PM
Average for 91-day treasury bills 12.86%

Books - World
3/17/2013 3:42:30 PM
Former Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner has a book deal to provide a "behind-the-scenes" account of the U.S. financial crisis

World - International
3/17/2013 1:32:21 PM
Atheist group claim that 'In God We Trust' motto on currency is violation of First Amendment mounting lawsuit against US Treasury Department

Business -
3/8/2013 4:34:11 PM
Yields on six-month and one-year Egyptian T-bills slump by as much as 0.7 percent at Thursday auction

Business - Economy
3/3/2013 6:48:20 PM
Yields on treasury bills fall at two consecutive auctions held by the country's central bank

Business - Economy
2/26/2013 2:27:17 PM
The Central Bank of Egypt successfully sold LE 5.5 billion of treasury bills at lower yields on Sunday

Business - Economy
2/24/2013 2:42:31 PM
The Central Bank of Egypt hopes to raise LE52.5 billion in bills and bonds by the end of the month as fiscal crisis deepens

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