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Applying the constitutional provisions on culture and the citizens’ right to access it is the best way to fight extremism.

The release of more than 40 pretrial detainees is a significant development concerning the human rights issue in Egypt.

if we want to know what officials really have in mind, it might be wise to pay attention to what they say off-script, before the remarks are walked back.

This unofficial correspondence between the president and ordinary people is a treasure.

Music, art and cultural heritage in general have no value among Islamist sects, be they ISIS fanatics who beheaded Yazidi artists in Iraq and banned music in weddings and other social activities in Yemen, or Muslim Brothers who closed down the Opera House and fired its director when they came to power in Egypt.

Taking issue with those who idolise the past

'We must stress, here, that the Muslim Brotherhood's political debacles all reflect the will of the people'

As the Non-Aligned Movement prepares for its 60th anniversary celebrations next month, Egypt could resume its traditional role of steering the movement to new horizons

Celebrating the Arabic tongue

Will Ennahda resort to violence?

Reassessing the significance of the Abraham Accords

Marking 65 years since the nationalisation of the Suez Canal

As Israel relied on a series of fallacies to justify its violation of international laws and conventions, Ethiopia’s behaviour doesn’t differ regarding the GERD

Mohamed Salmawy discusses world politics’ literary sensation

Mohamed Salmawy poses a crucial question

Trump loves to complain about fake news, but it is his political allies who tout some of the worst examples of it

Selective reporting remains a problem in the Western press when it comes to Egypt, writes Mohamed Salmawy

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