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New factors in the foreign policy calculus of Saudi Arabia and Iran will likely lower the intensity of the confrontation between them

In the wake of the immense changes taking place in the Eastern Mediterranean and wider region, the Maronite Church must put forward a new vision and new meaning for Lebanon

As the US and Iran assess the potential of a new and larger agreement, both sides will have to weigh the factors for and against

What does Europe want and what are its concerns in the search for strategic autonomy

Five factors will be crucial to the future shape of the Eastern Mediterranean

As far-right political parties extend their influence in many Western societies, there is a risk that the achievements of liberal democracy could eventually disappear

The polarisation taking place in the United States today will have major impacts on how the country meets the challenge of China and its relations with the rest of the world

Coming changes, post-coronavirus, will extend beyond the role of states to encompass new forms of global strategic confrontations

Egyptian Nobel prize-winning novelist Naguib Mahfouz’s later collections of reflections and dreams could be seen as the culmination of his entire literary output, writes Tarek Osman

Behind the headlines, rich and long dynamics continue to play out in Iran, in its relation to the Arab world, outside powers, and domestic currents

Is the US demanding too much of its Arab allies in carrying out its objectives in the Middle East

Conflicts with far-reaching and long-term consequences are on the horizon in the Eastern Mediterranean

Tarek Osman pinpoints the factors enhancing or preventing more cooperation between members of the Arab and European countries

Can Europe realise its ambitions to become a global superpower like the US and China

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