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Abdel-Moneim Said's Articles
Abdel-Moneim Said marks the centennial of the Chinese Communist Party

Abdel-Moneim Said compares Netenyahu and Trump’s efforts to overturn election results

Abdel-Moneim Said assesses and reassesses the situation in Palestine

Abdel-Moneim Said comments on Biden’s meeting with the Russian president

Weighing in on the Bill Gates divorce

However, sometimes they continue to sound until the front reaches what strategists term a stability point

There are a number of existential issues directly related to the survival of humankind. One is the question of war and peace

The verdict on Biden

Keeping up with American developments in Afghanistan

Celebrating the historical moment

Is the West really free of ideology

Considering the way the world works

Reviewing the latest standoff between Biden and Putin

Revisiting US influence in the region 10 years after the Arab Spring

Taking stock of US-Saudi relations

Discussing developments in Washington’s Middle East policy

Abdel-Moneim Said analyses the make America great again phenomenon in the light of the Biden win

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