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This is how Abdel-Moneim Said read the truce at its start.

Abdel-Moneim Said takes stock of the most significant summit to have occurred since the war on Gaza

Abdel-Moneim Said weighs in from Riyadh

Abdel-Moneim Said reviews the history of peace-making in Egypt

Abdel-Moneim Said presents his vision for the region’s future

Abdel-Moneim Said returns to a favourite topic

Abdel-Moneim Said analyses a strategic surprise

Egypt’s victory in the October War was essential to regaining Egyptian territory occupied by Israel in 1967 and vindicated its strategy in the wider region.

The operative word is reciprocity: we make peace with those who want to make peace with us.

Abdel-Moneim Said takes stock of the Arab-Israeli conflict on the ground.

Cloning old formulas for a solution, whether military or peaceful, will not work. It will not bring peace and stability to the Middle East, which every country in the region needs.

The Saudi moment entails a new vision involving a different approach to national interests, weighing available opportunities against changing conditions.

In the mid-1970s, the famous Egyptian journalist Mohamed Hassanein Heikal used the term the “Saudi era” to refer to the status Riyadh had acquired in the Middle East.

Abdel-Moneim Said takes the long view

A “Sadat moment” is that moment that marks a breakthrough in an intractable crisis. It happens thanks to a political initiative that triggers a shift in the negotiating climate, rendering it more conducive to the search for a solution.

Whenever war, political upheaval or a natural disaster breaks out, people inevitably ask, “when will this dreadful situation end?” As natural as the question is, it is not enough.

In this column and elsewhere, I have spoken frequently about reform in the Arab region and how it was a response to the violence, anarchy and terrorist fundamentalism ushered in by the so-called Arab Spring.

The so called Arab Spring that hit in 2011 had the effect of a collision that juggles particles around, reorders them according to their intrinsic qualities and degrees of cohesion, and ushers them across a threshold into a new era.

Abdel-Moneim Said turns to the Baltics.

Abdel-Moneim Said takes stock of the recent events in Palestine

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