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The Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam is now producing electricity, writes Ahmed Amal

Complex conflicts continued in East Africa in 2021, in some cases threatening the stability and national security of the states concerned

Cairo is increasingly worried by the proliferation of conflicts across East Africa

It is increasingly difficult to paint a hopeful picture of the future of Ethiopia with the increasing complexity of its conflicts, writes Ahmed Amal

Ethiopia’s picking and choosing which international treaties to abide by and which to reject on the management of the Nile’s water — which cannot work in its favour

Considering Ethiopia’s attitude on the Renaissance Dam

Mekelle may be under control of the Ethiopian army, but the government’s conflict with Tigray is far from over and could destabilise the whole Horn of Africa

The escalation of tensions on the Sudanese-Ethiopian border has exacerbated already stalled negotiations on the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam between these two countries and Egypt

There have been many successful African reform experiences that suggest a variety of ways forward for the rest of the continent

The sudden resignation of premier Hailemariam Desalegn has left Ethiopia in the grips of an ethnic power struggle the outcome of which is difficult to predict