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The US decision to reinforce its military forces in the Middle East is designed to reverse earlier withdrawals and defend its strategic interests in the region.

Palestinian factions meeting in Egypt earlier this week reaffirmed the fundamental principles of the Palestinian cause.

The Egyptian-Emirati Al-Alamein Air Show 2023 was held on Monday over the new Egyptian Mediterranean city of Al-Alamein on the northern coast, with the participation of the Egyptian aerobatics team, Silver Stars, and the UAE team, Al-Fursan.

Egypt continues to rank among the top 15 military powers in the world and leads the Middle East and North Africa region in air power, according to the 2023 rankings of Global Firepower, an annually updated, statistics-based website tracking defence-related information of 145 nations.

Ahmed Eleiba keeps up with the latest on the Libyan elections front

Any settlement of the crisis in Yemen will have to be part of a broader regional solution.

What happened on the morning of 3 June along the Egyptian-Israeli border?

While progress has been made in untangling the political and security situation in Libya, there is no guarantee that there will now be a clear path to the country’s elections.

As rapprochement gains impetus across the Middle East, it is still foolish to expect an immediate exchange of ambassadors between Cairo and Tehran.

The Egyptian Armed Forces received a MEKO A-200 frigate, the second of four frigates of the same type contracted from Germany.

Egypt has sent two military planes carrying tons of medical aid to alleviate burdens on the Sudanese people in times of crisis, according to a statement released on Tuesday by the Spokesperson of Egyptian Armed Forces Gharib Abdel-Hafez Gharib.

Egypt’s Chief of Staff Lieutenant-General Osama Askar met with India’s Chief of Staff Lieutenant-General Manoj Pande on Tuesday.

The regional conflicts of today too often echo those of yesterday, with the same pattern of hopes of democratic change unravelling and a renewed recourse to the gun, writes Ahmed Eleiba

Cairo is increasingly concerned about the ways the Sudan crisis will impact border security.

The Egyptian Naval Forces rescued 27 tourists of different nationalities and 11 Egyptian crew and divers after evacuating them from a tourist boat which capsized in the vicinity of the Red Sea Naval Base, according to a statement released by the Egyptian Armed Forces on Thursday.

The cooperation between the Sudan Armed Forces and the Rapid Support Forces was always based on a temporary convergence of interests, as the present conflict demonstrates.

Ahmed Eleiba assesses the consequences of the conflict in Sudan on Egypt

Ahmed Eleiba sounds an optimistic note

Egypt’s efforts to stem violence in the Palestinian territories continue.

Egypt and the US have concluded a joint military exercise in Egypt, codenamed "SOF02", involving units from the Egyptian paratroopers, thunderbolt forces, naval special forces and US special forces, the Egyptian army has announced.

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