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The year is ending with question marks over the global energy market from the Ukraine conflict, the OPEC+ countries, and China’s Covid-19 policies.

As Egypt prepares to host the COP27 Climate Change Conference in Sharm El-Sheikh next month, Cairo is seeking ways to green the Egyptian economy, writes Ahmed Mahdi

Egypt’s plans to export more natural gas reflect Cairo’s hopes of becoming a global energy hub, including by reducing domestic consumption.

What are the the positive and negative effects of a strong US dollar on the global and Egyptian economy?

To fully understand the role of the US in the ongoing crisis in Ukraine, one has to look at the pattern of past Russian interventions and the evolving nature of the international order, writes Ahmed Mahdi

The military conflict in Ukraine, a major energy and food-producing region, will have significant implications for the economies of the Middle East, writes Ahmed Mahdi

The current supply chain crisis, global output decline, and spike in world energy and food prices are all putting the post-pandemic economic recovery at risk.

The reasons for the crisis over the cancellation of the French submarine deal with Australia are not just about a failed business deal, but go deep into the nature of security alliances and the lack of trust between Paris and its allies in the Asia-Pacific region, writes Ahmed Mahdi