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Korean writer Byung Lim Ji visited Egypt for the first time and toured some archaeological sites. During the visit, Byung held a signing ceremony for her book A 30 Year Old Cabin Crew.

The annual contest calls for entries on the topic of how to improve bilateral relations

The initiative is focused on a number of women's rights issues, with an emphasis on combating violence against women and girls

Ahram Online interviewed renowned Bahraini conductor Wahid Al-Khan during his short visit to Egypt to participate in the Arab Music Festival

The government took important decisions, but what is more pressing is how matters will be dealt with after taking these decisions

Born in Kufa in Iraq in 669 AD, Abu Hanifa is the first of the four imams

Rumi is a shining example of a religious Sufi poet whose religion was love

One of the most important hajj rituals is to step on Mount Arafa, east of Mecca

One of the most famous Sufi women in Islamic history

Al-Ezz Ibn Abdel-Salam will always be remembered as the man who differentiated between religion and the state, an act that we are still debating centuries later.

In our second article in the series Inspiring Minds, Ahram Online presents you with Maimonides, the great philosopher and physician

In the first of a series on Arab thinkers that inspired the world, we start with a man who put philosophy and religion in one proper sentence: Averroes

Dalila Elkerdany is among 20 female architects who will compete for the arcVision Prize 2016. Results will be announced in April

While there are some women who have been appointed to various senior government posts, there are still many other women who deserve to fill similar positions

Ahram Online talks to Samia Nkrumah about Egypt’s prospects for the future and the chances of African unity

The award includes a two-week training session in Italy and 50,000EUR grant, with the award ceremony being held tomorrow, 6 March

Freedom of expression does not encompass oppressing, ridiculing or interferring with the beliefs of others

Green revolution cannot materialise in Africa without major concerted efforts to secure financing for agricultural production, reveals the African Green Revolution Forum recently held in Mozambique

Environment ministry and United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) organise a consultative workshop to discuss financing strategies for protected areas in Egypt

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