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Medium to heavy downpours across Egypt started on Friday night and left disruption in their wake

Al-Ahram Weekly reports on the outcry surrounding videos that recently emerged of a former Egyptian priest denigrating Islam

Starting next month, government offices and state employees will begin a gradual move to the new capital.

Ahmed Morsy reports on Egypt’s first fully integrated correctional and rehabilitation facility

Health Minister Hala Zayed said last weekend that the peak of the fourth wave of the coronavirus pandemic would arrive in three or four weeks.

The online retailer Amazon has recently launched in Egypt, but will it bring added value to the online shopping experience?

Cairo and Giza governorates have begun a pilot trial of new parking regulations

The Lebanese ambassador expressed his appreciation for Egypt's great efforts to stand by the Lebanese people since the Beirut port explosion

Arab Parliament Speaker Adel Al-Asoumi emphasised the need to take a strong Arab stance, to the point where he demanded a boycott of Ethiopia if its intransigence continued

The president's remarks came during a ceremony to inaugurate various housing projects in Badr City, northeast of the capital

As a result of the rising amounts of water reaching the High Dam lake, additional quantities of water have been released into the Nile River's course to wash it and improve the water quality, Abdel-Ati said

Vaccination certificates for travel are now being distributed but getting them is proving tricky

Ahram Online has put together a guide for those who plan on travelling from Egypt

Whereas Egypt's water resources are about 60 bcm annually, its needs stand at around 114 bcm, Irrigation and Water Resources Minister Mohamed Abdel-Ati said

Egypt’s Decent Life initiative aims at providing a better life for more than half the country’s population

Sudan has proposed improving the mechanism for negotiations by forming an international mediation quartet

The rise is due to the increasing rainfall rates at the Nile’s headwaters, said Abdel-Ati

179 international vaccination centres nationwide will be inaugurated within a week to 10 days and will be dedicated to vaccinations and their certificates for those who wish to travel, a health ministry official said

The Permanent Committee for Regulating the River Nile Revenue 'is in a permanent session' to follow up the rainfall rates over the Nile's headwaters to determine the quantities of water reaching the High Dam lake

Russia stressed in the statement that the military agreement 'doesn’t have any destabilizing character,' indicating that it 'maintains similar joint cooperation with a number of other countries, including Egypt and Sudan'

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