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Both Conservative and Labour campaigns were found to be using fabricated data, leaving UK votes in a state of distrust before the upcoming general election.

The announcement of a new crown prince in Kuwait marks a historic shift in the royal family’s approach to succession, reports Ahmed Mustafa

The Houthis have stepped up attacks in the Red Sea while an Iraqi militia targeted an Israeli port city. Could this be an eleventh-hour escalation before a possible truce in Gaza, asks Ahmed Mustafa

The West’s apparently unconditional support for the Israeli occupation of Palestine helps explain the sometimes poor relations between East and West, writes Ahmed Mustafa

The Palestinian struggle for freedom is inspiring protest movements around the world, including among young people on US and European university campuses.

The Kuwaiti parliament has often been a thorn in the side of the government, but this time the situation is rather more serious, reports Ahmed Mustafa

With an Egyptian-mediated truce for Gaza on the horizon, Iran claims that a Bahraini opposition group it supports attacked Israel, reports Ahmed Mustafa

Though nervousness about an Iran-Israel escalation has subsided, the oil market is still unstable, with the US benefiting from the rising tension.

Unprecedented flooding in the UAE and Oman has claimed lives and wreaked havoc.

Three well-known politicians are helping to transform the 21st century into one of religion, writes Ahmed Mustafa

Tory infighting has bolstered the extreme far right, which might cost the Conservative Party a humiliating defeat this year.

Could the world be living through a transitional stage with no civilisation, and can it look forward to a new one, asks Ahmed Mustafa

While Russia hints at Ukraine’s involvement in the terrorist attack near Moscow, the West insists it was carried out by IS.

The Houthis have extended their attacks on Israeli ships beyond the Red Sea and into the Indian Ocean, reports Ahmed Mustafa

The internationally recognised Yemeni government is asking Western powers to help it fight the Houthis on the ground, reports Ahmed Mustafa

With the ongoing Gaza war and escalations in the Red Sea, the future of the region looks bleak.

With many commentators now predicting a win for Trump in November’s US presidential elections, fewer are asking about the likely consequences of a second term for Biden.

As the British elections draw near, the war in Gaza is dividing politicians and parties.

Riyadh has reaffirmed its position that there will be no diplomatic relations with Tel Aviv before recognition of a Palestinian state, reports Ahmed Mustafa

US efforts to broker a Saudi-Israeli deal come against Israel stopping its war on Gaza.

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