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Riyadh has reaffirmed its position that there will be no diplomatic relations with Tel Aviv before recognition of a Palestinian state, reports Ahmed Mustafa

US efforts to broker a Saudi-Israeli deal come against Israel stopping its war on Gaza.

Not only are there active protests against war in the Middle East, some European governments have also refused to support US-UK strikes on Yemen, reports Ahmed Mustafa

The Houthis attacking Israel-bound ships in the Red Sea has created a dent in global trade that poses risks of inflation, reports Ahmed Mustafa

Europe is upping efforts to halt immigration, making the lives of many immigrants living there even more challenging, writes Ahmed Mustafa

The Iran-backed Houthi rebels in Yemen reaffirm threats to ships stopping at Israeli ports crossing the Red Sea, with some shipping companies rerouting their vessels as a result, reports Ahmed Mustafa

The accusation of anti-Semitism made to silence any criticism of Israel constitutes a dangerous reintroduction of religion into politics, writes Ahmed Mustafa

The long list of lies, historical distortions, and twisted facts bearing on the Palestinian issue makes it more necessary than ever for the media to be objective.

Israel insists that normalisation with Gulf and Arab countries is still in “a stable place”, despite news reports of recalled ambassadors and flight suspensions, reports Ahmed Mustafa

It is sometimes said that the first victim of war is truth, but the Western media’s coverage of the Israeli war on Gaza goes beyond bias to become simply propaganda, writes Ahmed Mustafa

A cancelled football match between Saudi Arabia and Iran could cloud the reconciliation process between the two countries, writes Ahmed Mustafa

Developed countries are backtracking on their commitments to reducing emissions.

The Houthi rebel delegation’s visit to Saudi Arabia this week can only be seen as a step on the way to reviving the peace process in Yemen.

Could there be a link between the earthquakes that struck Morocco, Syria, and Turkey and climate change, asks Ahmed Mustafa

The international community appears to have abandoned Yemen, where millions are on the verge of starvation.

With the opening of an embassy in Manama, the hosting of a Moroccan senior official, and the planned prime minister’s visit to the UAE, Israel is seeking to revive normalisation with Arab nations across the region.

Fuelling the rivalry between India and China aids the US strategy to put pressure on China and weakens the rising BRICS group as a potential competitor on the global stage.

Reports of an imminent Saudi-Israeli peace deal promoted by Washington are probably premature

Amid the current fanfare about the promises and threats of AI, it would be well to remember where the real issues lie.

While unlikely to change the course of the conflict, the Ukraine peace summit in Jeddah should bolster up Saudi Arabia’s global image, reports Ahmed Mustafa

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