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Record temperatures have mounted pressure on the upcoming climate conference in the UAE for an effective answer to the greenhouse gas problem, Ahmed Mustafa reports

A new alliance with Central Asian countries opens up new economic and security horizons to the Gulf.

Gulf countries are receptive to Iranian overtures while there are conflicting reports of a an Iranian-American deal.

The recent coup attempt in Russia led by the Wagner group has drawn renewed attention to the dangers of allowing private militias, writes Ahmed Mustafa

Washington’s courting of New Delhi may be a message to Beijing

Saudi Arabia has become popular with countries seeking to advance their political fortunes, from Tehran and Washington to Tel Aviv.

UAE diplomacy has spread from Israel to Iran to Turkey, as this week’s visit by the Emirati president to congratulate Erdogan shows, reports Ahmed Mustafa

With the traditional regional power centres weakened, claimants to leadership of the Middle East must deal with the regional powers of Israel, Iran, and Turkey.

The UAE withdrew from US-led maritime forces patrolling the Gulf, with media reports indicating it will join a similar mission alongside Iran, Qatar, and Saudi Arabia.

A public feud between two leaders in exile of the Muslim Brotherhood (MB) recently ended, but despite this there are divisions that still remain.

Saudi Arabia and the UAE continue to see eye-to-eye despite the absence of UAE President Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan from last week’s Arab Summit in Jeddah.

Following recent developments with Iran, many in the Gulf are questioning US military presence in their countries

What is behind today’s apparent indifference to the conflict in Palestine and the failure of the international community to stand up for the rights of the Palestinians under Israeli occupation, asks Ahmed Mustafa

The UK Labour Party performed well in last week’s local elections, but the severe defeat suffered by the ruling Conservatives also benefited other smaller parties, writes Ahmed Mustafa

British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak faces his first major electoral test just two weeks after losing his deputy

The seeds for the Sudan crisis were sown decades ago in the post-Cold War period, writes Ahmed Mustafa

Criticisms by Israel’s Western backers of laws introduced by the country’s current coalition government have less to do with democratic ideals than with strategic interests.

Could US hegemony in the Middle East be coming to an end in the wake of the successful diplomatic efforts undertaken by China and Russia?

A possible Russian invasion of Ukraine will have important impacts on the Middle East and North Africa region.

Ahmed Mostafa reports on the race between the Arab Gulf monarchies to implement economic reforms

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