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If this year marked the world’s recovery from the coronavirus pandemic, it marked a lot more for the Arabian Gulf countries, where it was the region’s settling-down year.

Changing Arab dynamics will likely draw new realities on the ground and influence Egypt’s foreign policies

The French president returned from his Gulf tour with business as well as political gains, writes Ahmed Mostafa

Fighting in Yemen between the Iran-backed Houthi rebels and the internationally recognised government forces backed by the Saudi-led coalition has intensified, reports Ahmed Mostafa

Ahmed Mostafa explores recent exchanges between Ankara and Abu Dhabi

Hopes are high now that the next Arab League summit in Algeria might witness the return of Syria to its seat in the league

Ahmed Mostafa keeps up with the war in Yemen

Arab Gulf countries are stepping up the pressure on Lebanon after comments by a Lebanese minister about the Saudi involvement in the Yemen War.

Al-Ahram Weekly sums up the competition and strategic relations surrounding environmental measures in the Gulf.

While the UAE foreign minister was in Washington meeting White House officials, a Turkish delegation was in the Emirati capital Abu Dhabi discussing the potential of stepping up economic and business relations, writes Al-Ahram Weekly

Ahmed Mostafa keeps up with talks between the Taliban and Washington in Doha

A look at the Qatari election.

While Europe anticipates an energy crisis this winter, others are content that oil and gas are still the main dynamo powering the global economy. According to some commentators, that is even more important than any increase in revenue for oil and gas exporters.

Muslim Brotherhood-backed forces in Yemen are facilitating the advance of the Houthi rebels and frustrating efforts to bring peace to the war-torn country

Despite some positive diplomatic moves, there seems little prospect of peace in Yemen as the conflict enters into a new phase of escalation

Ahmed Mostafa registers the effects of Afghan refugees on intra-Gulf politics

Al-Ahram Weekly reports on Qatar’s first ever legislative elections — to take place before the World Cup

Keeping up with developments in Saudi-Iranian relations that could radically change the region

Keeping up with the Omani role in Yemen

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