Ahmed Mustafa's Articles

Al-Ahram Weekly keeps up with the latest, disturbing developments in war-torn Yemen

Al Ahram Weekly takes stock of the US’ recent military realignments in the Gulf

Ahmed Mostafa heralds a complicated Hajj season

Al-Ahram Weekly discusses how much the Gulf welcomes Egyptian lead in the reconstruction process in Gaza

Ahmed Mostafa discusses the recent revival of Gulf interest in Africa

Al-Ahram Weekly considers the impact of the current violence on recent normalisation deals between Israel and various Arab countries

Al-Ahram Weekly reports on Crown Prince Mohamed Bin Salman’s landmark TV appearance

keeping up with the war in Yemen

Only issues relating to the US rejoining the nuclear deal with Iran are being discussed at the Vienna talks that opened last week despite Tehran’s desire to extend them

A highly sophisticated plot to destabilise the rule of Jordanian King Abdullah II seems to have been thwarted in the country last weekend

Efforts to end the war in Yemen await an Iran deal

Al-Ahram Weekly watches while the Gulf demonstrates support for Syria’s return to the Arab fold

Al-Ahram Weekly keeps up with developments in relations between Turkey and the Gulf countries

Al-Ahram Weekly follows the recent escalation between Saudi Arabia and the Houthis

After many years of neutrality in Gulf and other conflicts, Oman is now playing a more active foreign-policy role

The ice may be thawing between the Arab Gulf states and Turkey

In the Yemeni war, the humanitarian crisis has taken centre stage

Many are drawing an analogy with Barak Obama’s policy in the region, which actually made no difference

Ahmed Mostafa sums up the issues surrounding Dubai’s policy on Covid-19

The Gulf-Iran rapprochement seems to be imminent, but will it be out of good will or strategic concerns

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