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Users on social media have reacted to the horrendous footage emerging from Syria's Aleppo as fighting in the city intensifies and aid organisations are largely absent

The talks between the Houthis and Saudi Arabia is a positive step towards averting Yemen's worsening humanitarian crisis, MENA programme director of the International Crisis Group says

Lebanese diva Fairouz, one of the Arab world's most beloved singers for decades, performs at the annual festival of Beiteddine in the Chouf region 31 July 2001 (AFP)

The viral image of three-year-old Aylan Kurdi washed up on a Turkish beach has reinforced international outrage against the failure of European and Arab states to aid the plight of Syrian refugees

The trip marks the first ever visit to Ethiopia by a sitting US president

The crisis of Burma's Rohingya Muslim continues to escalate with little to no international action to improve the lives of a persecuted minority

Israel has called the latest attempt to break a nine-year naval blockade on the Gaza strip an 'unnecessary provocation'

Increasing evidence of the use by Boko Haram of females as suicide bombers spurs fears that the militant group may yet use many of the girls it has kidnapped for the same purpose

Yemen dominated the Arab Summit held over the weekend in Egypt, with general agreement, though some reservations, on proposals for a joint Arab force to tackle grave regional threats

Leaders of Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Yemen, address Arab League opening session

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