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As Ramadan draws to a close, the excitement of Eid al-Fitr grows, and Muslim families around the world are gearing up to celebrate the end of the fasting month with joyous festivities.

Fasting and changes in eating habits can sometimes take a toll on the skin, but with the right approach it's possible to maintain a healthy, glowing complexion throughout Ramadan.

A fasting headache is a type of head pain that occurs after not eating for 16 hours or more. It is linked to low blood-sugar levels, dehydration, caffeine withdrawal and sleep deprivation

Unlike sugary snacks or processed foods, yoghurt can provide a steady release of energy, preventing fluctuations in blood sugar levels and promoting sustained endurance throughout the day

Beyond fasting and prayer, preparing one's home plays a pivotal role in fostering a warm and inviting atmosphere conducive to reflection, worship, and connecting with loved ones.

Recognising and addressing harmful eating and lifestyle habits as well as limiting some foods can significantly impact your journey to a slimmer waistline

Beyond its morning pick-me-up qualities, coffee extract is a rich source of nutrients and antioxidants that can transform your skincare routine and unlock natural radiance

Our brains are adaptable by nature and can be rewired to stay focused. We can minimise multitasking and other distractions to create an environment that actively supports sustained attention and reshapes the way we focus.

Peanuts are an excellent source of plant-based protein, making them an ideal choice for vegetarians and vegans. A handful of peanuts can provide a substantial amount of protein, supporting overall body maintenance.

The 30-30-30 rule is not a strict diet plan but instead is a flexible framework that promotes a balanced and sustainable approach to weight management by addressing both calorie intake and expenditure.

With dedication and perseverance, you can pave the way to make the coming year a transformative one filled with growth, fulfillment, and new possibilities.

With the arrival of each new season, exciting trends emerge that bring our wardrobes to life and inspire us to experiment with fresh and modern styles.

Among the winter wardrobe essentials, the shawl stands out as a versatile accessory that can not only keep you warm but also add an extra layer of sophistication to your outfits.

Feeling stressed, sad, and anxious about the current brutal attacks just means you are human. It’s horrific to see the present kind of violence, and it can make you unable to concentrate at work or fall asleep at night

While the idea of buying fresh herbs sounds much better than buying the dried alternative or pre-cut herbs packaged in plastic wrap, unfortunately the lifespan of potted herbs can be disappointingly short

Recognising the signs of an emotionally immature partner is crucial for developing healthy and fulfilling relationships. By understanding the indicators of emotional immaturity, individuals can make informed decisions about their own well-being and the future of their relationships

While factors like inadequate sleep and high-stress levels undoubtedly play a significant role, there are daily habits that could be silently draining your energy without your even realising it

Under-eye wrinkles can be a pain for many people. The area under the eyes is the most delicate part of the face, and as a result it is more prone to wrinkles

Rejuvenating your skin can be your go-to skincare plan as the weather turns colder. It can help your skin to retain its healthy appearance by keeping it well-hydrated, plumped, and functioning optimally

Practicing mindfulness and meditation can improve your focus and reduce stress, both of which are essential for memory retention

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