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Egypt’s bridge team thrives online to become the champion of Africa, writes Ameera Fouad

Alexandria reopened its beaches last month after nearly a year and a half of closure due to Covid-19

The Thirties Show’s second season is showcasing 'Ramadan Nostalgia' during the holy month of Ramadan this year

Uniting to help all children was the message of this year’s World Autism Day celebrations in Alexandria

In many cases driven abroad by poverty and conflict at home, more and more African female household workers are looking for a better future in Egypt

Could robots soon be caring for patients infected with Covid in Egypt, asks Ameera Fouad

This year has been a very different one for many children, making it even more important that they be celebrated on World Children’s Day

Examples of bad behaviour by some privileged young people have caught the headlines in recent months, with voices being raised to put an end to such incidents

Could we all be living in social media bubbles, and if so how can we escape, asks Ameera Fouad

The first park for children with special needs has been designed in Alexandria, writes Ameera Fouad

Artists and musicians across the world have been suffering as a result of restrictions introduced to combat Covid-19, but online platforms could be the answer, writes Ameera Fouad

New projects in Egypt's second largest city lend momentum to the future development of the Mediterranean city

The media has an important role to play in reminding young people of their sense of belonging and the many achievements of their country

Doctors, nurses and other healthcare workers across Egypt are battling for the third month in a row to fight the Covid-19 pandemic, reports Ameera Fouad

Residents of Alexandria have been undeterred in their enjoyment of Ramadan despite the challenges of measures taken to halt the spread of the Covid-19, writes Ameera Fouad

The smell of flowers was wafting through the streets of Alexandria during lockdown hours, heralding the arrival of spring

The legacy of Egyptian singer Um Kolthoum, the Nightingale of the Nile, lives on in the hearts of young people

After a decade marked by revolution and economic difficulties, last year ended with a flourishing Egypt committed to living in peace and harmony, writes Ameera Fouad

A new Alexandria initiative is bringing the community together and helping to save the planet by holding recreational events inside the city’s parks, reports Ameera Fouad

This is the time of year when many young Egyptians dream of being awarded scholarships to study abroad, writes Ameera Fouad

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