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Can babies be born geniuses with a natural potential that we can help them realise.

Al-Ahram Weekly finds out what is happening at Alexandria’s historic Antoniades Gardens.

Newly elected director of the Bibliotheca Alexandrina (the Alexandria Library) Ahmed Abdullah Zayed pledged on Tuesday to restore the library’s glory and its vital role in disseminating knowledge across the whole world.

While divorce rates are still high in Egypt, many married couples are leading successful and happy lives.

People with disabilities can now enjoy the sea for free at a special beach in Alexandria, writes Ameera Fouad

Activities for children at the Alexandria Sporting Club are back in full swing after two years of their being kept at home during the Covid-19 pandemic, writes Ameera Fouad

Don’t break your budget but pack your luggage. For many people, now is the right time to travel.

More and more people are aiming to consume less and take a slower approach to their everyday and professional lives

Egypt’s Coptic Christians are celebrating Easter during the Muslim holy month of Ramadan this year, with the spring holiday of Sham Al-Nessim also coming in the same month, writes Ameera Fouad

Fasting during Ramadan can improve physical fitness, even if many people may still ignore its many health benefits, writes Ameera Fouad

As the country celebrates this year’s Mother’s Day, spare a thought for Egypt’s first-time mums

How many people still believe in love

As prices peak and Covid-19 continues to interrupt weddings, many young couples are facing societal norms they now want to break

The Mothers to Be Project in Alexandria is helping prospective mothers understand more about healthcare and other issues they face

Alexandria inhabitants are bracing for winter as the city’s infrastructure fails them,

In the age of Covid-19, many honeymooners have changed their destinations because of changes to travel options

Egypt’s bridge team thrives online to become the champion of Africa, writes Ameera Fouad

Alexandria reopened its beaches last month after nearly a year and a half of closure due to Covid-19

The Thirties Show’s second season is showcasing 'Ramadan Nostalgia' during the holy month of Ramadan this year

Uniting to help all children was the message of this year’s World Autism Day celebrations in Alexandria

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