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In 2018, Ireland exported 23.5 million euros worth of dairy products to Egypt

Social media has been continuing its role of empowering social change in 2019 in developments that seem sure to continue in 2020, writes Amina Khairy

Are we in danger of turning our children into numbers rather than new human lives, forgetting our responsibilities towards them?

As work takes off on Egypt’s Dabaa nuclear power plant, two major nuclear energy events taking place in London have underlined the benefits of nuclear power, writes Amina Khairy

If we must have a revolution in the Arab world, let it be an educational one

The most difficult part of tackling poverty may be changing the mentality that treats poverty as a tradition to be preserved from generation to generation in Egypt

Why has knowledge ceased to be a factor in Egypt’s educational system?

The holy month of Ramadan is an opportunity for Muslims to rejuvenate their lives, ruling out the race to excess that has sometimes intruded in recent years

Last week’s massacre of people praying in a New Zealand mosque has raised questions about the responsibility of social networks in live-streaming such horrendous crimes

The month of March is more and more associated with the achievements of Egyptian women

Why is it always women and women’s clothes that come to the forefront whenever there is a row about morals in Egypt

Millions of children in the Arab world are being left behind in education, with experts concurring that a major push is now necessary to make good on the region’s deficit of learning

While regaining a lost or faded identity can be a very difficult task, Egypt is on the right road and is employing the right strategy

This year’s World Youth Forum is bringing together young Arab men and women with striking visions for the future

Has the world entered into a dangerous state of cyberwarfare, asks Amina Khairy

Egypt is launching its first campaign to tackle bullying in schools, but much more still needs to be done to tackle this endemic problem

Many of the challenges that face Egypt’s tourism sector have not yet been solved

Egypt needs fewer children, more political will, and the end of ultra-conservative dominance to solve the problem of its ever-growing population

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