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New ideas about wedding planning for every prospective bride

Personal-development writer Sherif Arafa shares tips on how to calm your mind and combat stress.

Al-Ahram weekly talks to psychologist Naglaa Naguib about the problem of violence against women

Al Ahram Weekly talks to fitness instructor Amani Ali about how to enjoy a healthier lifestyle and obtain a fitter figure

Amira Elhamy talks to author Sherif Arafa about sexually satisfying relationships and the freedom from social stigma

Amira Elhamy examines the impacts of divorce on all family members

Al-Ahram Weekly investigates the reasons behind the high divorce rate in Egypt and how they might be overcome.

Al-Ahram Weekly visits the multicultural Gouter Cultural Festival that took place at the Baron Empain Palace in Heliopolis this week

What are some of the reasons behind low self-esteem in women?

What are some of the main challenges men and women face before getting married in Egypt, asks Amira Elhamy

Amira Elhamy discovers how one woman started a successful business project that reflects her passion in life

Amira Elhamy examines the advanced techniques that can give you the perfect smile

Amira Elhamy talks to life coach Dina Elmessiri about ways to beat anxiety during quarantine against the coronavirus

Amira Elhamy talks to Egyptian makers about small industries and recycling at this year’s Maker Faire in Cairo

Egyptian designer Rana Youssri Salah talks to Al-Ahram Weekly about her fashion brand Asory and the causes behind her work

Amira Elhamy talks to art therapist Carol Hammal about the special features of this kind of therapy

Amira Elhamy attends this year’s Festival of Traditional Crafts, highlighting their importance as a core Egyptian industry

Amira Elhamy talks to Egyptian cosmetic surgeon Shadi Ismail about cosmetology and today’s aesthetic procedures

The former minister believes Egypt's public and state media is facing many problems, but still has a vital role to play in informing citizens

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