Amr Adly's Articles

The government claims that the IMF has no conditionality clauses linked to its prospective $4.8 billion loan. But what it fails to say is that its entire programme, which it authors, is subject to IMF approval

Direct control of Al-Azhar will soon become a priority for the Muslim Brotherhood, but it may bring them more trouble than they bargain on

To keep the power they have won, the Brotherhood may have to strike a deal with a number of elites, but in doing so they risk falling victim themselves to Egyptians' desire to bring about real change

History in Egypt appears to be repeating itself, but with different players. Not 1952, but the 1920s, where Al-Wafd was outmanoeuvred, despite its democratic successes, by the monarchy and the British army

Technocratic policymaking has been the unspoken hallmark of authoritarianism in Egypt, excising politics from the public sphere. After the revolution, politicians cannot — and should not — escape accountability

The Brotherhood points to the Turkish experience over the past 10 years as a model, but events bring Egypt closer to the Turkey of the 1980s in the aftermath of a military coup

An autonomous, neutral and professional state bureaucracy is a necessity if Egypt's democratisation path is to lead anywhere good for its citizens