Amr El Shobaki's Articles

The political wing of Hamas should be reactivated and take on a more active role in the Palestinian-Israeli conflict, writes Amr Al-Chobaki

The US seems unable to acknowledge that the root of the problem in Palestine is the Israeli occupation and that the remedy is the establishment of an independent Palestinian state.

Three challenges still stand in the way of democratic change in the region in the wake of the grassroots uprisings of the Arab Spring.

The true spirit of Egypt’s 25 January Revolution was to broaden democracy and the rule of law as part of the building of a more just society that would guarantee dignity, freedom and equality

It has become difficult to understand many stands that France took towards Islam without understanding the nature of this model

‘If only’ is the work of the devil because it is like crying over spilled milk.

The spread of sectarian political slogans in recent years is a dangerous development that goes against Egypt’s best traditions. The government should take action against it