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From a stroll down tree-lined boulevards to some of the city's best gelato, Maadi has a lot to offer

An eyewitness tells the story of the fatal police shooting; interior ministry says the policeman has been arrested

Egyptian Christians have long complained of having to wait years to get licences to build or renovate churches

In its 2015 Annual Report on International Freedom, the US State Department said Egypt's Coptic Christians still face significant challenges, says government aims to protect them

Former grand mufti was shot at at a mosque in 6 October but escaped unharmed

The new decision will possibly lead to the reversing of an earlier move to standardise Friday sermons

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The government says the move aims to push moderate Islamic ideology and ensure that radical ideas do not spread

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The daily paper's owner has, for the first time in over 12 years, addressed readers to criticise his own paper's coverage of the ongoing row between the press and police

Germany's transport ministry decided to overturn a ban on joint transportation of passengers and luggage from Sharm El-Sheikh to Germany

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No official number of those arrested has yet been provided by the country's interior ministry

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In a landmark speech to the Egyptian parliament, the first-ever by a Saudi king, Salman stressed economic, political and military cooperation between the two countries

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Police officer Osama El-Kounayassi was previously sentenced to 15 years in jail for torturing to death detained suspect Sayed Belal

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Italian officials seem sceptical about the recent developments in the case

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The French news site La Tribune has reported that Cairo and Paris are close to signing a 1 bln deal worth of military purchases during a forthcoming visit by French President Hollande

Female petrol station attendants are a new sight on a Cairo forecourt

Speaking to Ahram Online, the Canadian rocker said Friday that Cairo customs authorities should stop their 'vandalism' after his guitar and other instruments were marked with green ink

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Yehia Kalash, the head of Egypt's press syndicate, says the media landscape is more in need of overhaul than ever

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