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As Israel continues its attacks on Gaza despite the cost of the war in Palestinian lives, international momentum is building for the recognition of a Palestinian state, writes Aziza Sami

As Gaza turns into the chequerboard for global politics, Palestinians are paying the price, writes Aziza Sami

Criticism of Israel is still stigmatised as anti-Semitic and anti-Jewish but there is pushback.

Fuul medammes is the dish of choice for Egyptians during Ramadan ­— and beyond.

In the face of Israel’s intransigence on allowing humanitarian aid into Gaza, its major allies the US and EU are now planning a maritime route instead.

Israel’s deliberate obstruction of aid getting through to the civilian population of Gaza is causing famine and disease on an epic scale.

The soulful experience of preparing a cup of Turkish coffee

The love of baladi bread, Egypt’s traditional staff of life

Maisoon Sakr, Café Riche: An Eye on Egypt, Nahdet Masr, 2021, pp653

A new cookbook gives a wholesome twist to traditional food from Egypt, Lebanon, and Morocco

Egypt is boosting its wheat production in a bid to decrease its reliance on imports

The government is launching ambitious plans to help conserve and use water more efficiently in agriculture

Egypt’s traditional Ramadan Sohour meal of fava beans eaten before dawn remains the country’s quintessential nutritional repast

Anise has long held pride of place as a savoury spice as well as a powerful antidote in cultures from Egypt to Greece, Italy and beyond

A pioneer in Egypt's social development field, Marie Assaad has tackled contentious issues with a gentle but unyielding resolve

Egypt's real-estate sector seems set to weather the economic slowdown induced by the Covid-19 pandemic

Aziza Sami revisits a Mameluke-era cookbook for immunity boosting recipes this Ramadan

International oil prices have fallen to record lows in the wake of the Covid-19 crisis

As more and more countries go into lockdown in a bid to contain the spread of the coronavirus, a global recession seems inevitable

Aziza Sami describes how Cairo communities are taking a pro-active approach to the Covid-19 crisis

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