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International outrage over human rights abuses in the war on Gaza has not yet turned into concrete action against Israel, writes Azza Radwan Sedky

Egypt’s prime geographical location astride two continents and between two seas has brought dangers as well as opportunities with it, writes Azza Radwan Sedky

The Western media is reluctant to allow the Palestinians their full humanity, often reducing them to statistics rather than seeing them as human beings, writes Azza Radwan Sedky

Two separate incidents over recent weeks have seen the debunking of Western media stories about the Middle East, writes Azza Radwan Sedky

The world is choosing to turn a blind eye to the Israeli destruction of Gaza, writes Azza Radwan Sedky

The failure of the world to intervene to halt the carnage Israel is inflicting on Gaza is totally unacceptable, writes Azza Radwan Sedky

A storm of unprecedented proportion is brewing in Canada.

Should one society impose its standards on others.

The divided and partisan nature of US television is an image of the intense polarisation of politics in the country, writes Azza Radwan Sedky

Artificial intelligence must be managed and regulated today so that catastrophes do not happen tomorrow.

What were the main achievements of US President Joe Biden’s recent European tour, asks Azza Radwan Sedky

Egypt’s policy of resuming relations with various countries is a rigorously planned strategic exercise being taken with all due precautions, writes Azza Radwan Sedky

A group of NGOs and the Western media have criticised Egypt for acting against individuals set on undermining the country, showing a willful ignorance of the facts.

As the world focuses on the conflict in Sudan, has the Western media given appropriate attention to the humanitarian crisis in the country, asks Azza Radwan Sedky

The BRICS nations have long been challenging the existing world political order and are about to reset the global monetary system, says Azza Radwan Sedky

With the 2008 global financial crisis threatening to repeat itself, can the world take another hit after the Covid-19 pandemic and the Ukraine war.

It has been over a year since Russia invaded Ukraine, time for all those involved to stop the war and avoid yet more destruction and bloodshed.

When disasters like last week’s earthquake befall a region, the world should stand with the beleaguered and disregard differences.

Egypt is a convenient and inexpensive option for those looking for a warm but less-expensive holiday or even retirement destination.

“Cooperation in a Fragmented World” was the slogan of this year’s World Economic Forum in Davos, a befitting theme for what the world is experiencing today, writes Azza Radwan Sedky

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