Azza Radwan Sedky's Articles

Egyptians should resist rumours and accept that Egypt is in good hands and those in charge are doing their best

The decision of France's highest court to suspend the ban on the "burkini" is the right one, because women have the right to choose

The decision of Justice Catherine Bruce to scrap a guilty verdict against a Canadian couple charged with plotting to kill tourists in 2013 raises important additional questions

As Erdogan goes for the retaliatory path, he seems to be the only winner following the failed coup, with Turkey at large left as the loser

Choosing between spending and not spending to boost an ailing economy is not easy. Egypt has opted for spending, accruing accumulated debts that the coming generations will have to pay

The Western media plays a fundamental role in manipulating world opinion, as can be seen by its biased coverage of Egypt,

While surveys paint a picture of general subservience and suffering among Egyptian women, inspiring examples of women who break the mold suggest an unmistakable change taking place

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