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Lebanon fears a total nationwide blackout by the end of September.

Angela Merkel’s chapter as chancellor of Germany ended this week with her opponents narrowly winning the country’s general elections

Former US deputy assistant secretary of defence Simone Ledeen speaks to Al-Ahram Weekly about strategic developments in the region

Historian and Director of the Dale Centre for the Study of War and Society at the University of Southern Mississippi Andrew Wiest explains his views on the US withdrawal from Afghanistan to Al-Ahram Weekly

Vanda Felbab-Brown, a senior fellow at US think tank the Brookings Institution, discusses the recent US withdrawal from Afghanistan with Al-Ahram Weekly

The US vice-president visited Southeast Asia to affirm American partnership

Iran’s nuclear policies are unlikely to see any change under Ebrahim Raisi’s presidency

This week’s fuel-tank explosion in Lebanon was more than just another tragic incident in the ongoing political and economic crisis that has hit the country

In many ways the US withdrawal from Afghanistan revives memories of Vietnam

With the country already going through an economic and political crisis, the new border tensions between Hizbullah and Israel are particularly unwelcome for Lebanon

Both political and economic factors make keeping the peace in Darfur a challenging task for Sudan’s transitional authorities

New Lebanese Prime Minister Najib Mikati will likely need regional and international support to form a governing coalition after a year of efforts to form a new government

Engineering researcher Mohamed Basheer suggests potential solutions to the crisis over the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam to Al-Ahram Weekly

Saied believes that Tunisia has moved to a parliamentary, multi-party system that “bruises the Tunisian people in terms of food, transportation and health'

Could EU sanctions on leaders end the deadlock, asks Bassem Aly

US air strikes against Iran-backed militias in Iraq and Syria this week may prove a headache for Baghdad, writes Bassem Aly

The United States and China are still far from a clash over global hegemony, writes Bassem Aly 

A global pro-Tigray movement is increasingly highlighting the discrepancy between Abiy Ahmed’s Nobel Peace Prize and alleged war crimes committed there, writes Bassem Aly 

Experts are debating whether the Biden administration has a clear strategy on the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam

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