Curtis Doebbler's Articles

The refusal of developed states to face up to the global climate crisis, if not confronted, will kill 100 million Africans within 100 years

As the world edges towards ecological breakdown, the latest attempt to redefine the politico-economic model on which the problem is based utterly failed at Rio+20

Africa was the continent of the future for Ahmed Ben Bella, one of its greatest liberation leaders who died Wednesday at 95

The Palestinian leadership in its approach to the UN for membership appears to not understand fully the relevant procedure, somewhat suspiciously

At the latest round of global climate talks, held in Durban, yet again the welfare of hundreds of millions was trampled under foot by self-interested developed countries

When developed countries demand equal action from developing states on emissions cuts, they perpetuate the spoils of 200 years of exploitation

No state that glorifies and trades in violence can expect members of its society to do anything otherwise

On Libya, the chief prosecutor of the ICC has shown that he is either incompetent or cannot stand up independently to pressure, particularly from Washington

While international law aims to promote peace, powerful states continue to celebrate violence and killing, as well as supplying the arms that allow for it

The right to self-determination of the Palestinians is inviolable, undermining legally and morally the propaganda surrounding the UN’s supposed recognition of Israel

In a capitalist world, justice and equity is something the rich enjoy while the poor die

Osama Bin Laden’s death proved what he said in life: that the United States couldn’t kill or arrest him within its own laws

Rather than taking sides in a civil war, the West has favoured force as the means of change in Libya