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The world-renowned economist Mohamed El-Erian addressed Egyptian policy debates Wednesday, giving insight into how to successfully navigate turbulent global markets

The Egyptian pound could be allowed to fall to as low as 8.4 against the dollar within ‘weeks’ in the first of several devaluations as Egypt steps up battle against FX shortage

A weakened stock exchange, a battered tourism sector, falling Suez Canal revenues, inflation, a declining Egyptian Pound and other challenges marked Egypt's economy in 2015

A value added tax is not a condition for the World Bank loan, says Egypt's minister of international cooperation

Egyptian Finance Minister Hany Kadry had said rate is needed for the state's coffers to benefit from the fact that 30 to 40 percent of Egypt’s Gross National Product will be generated in such zones within the next ten years.

Egypt will be on track to beat the decades-old epidemic 'within 10 to 15' years if it allocates the necessary funds

Oriental Weavers is still liable for past violations, antitrust authority official says in response to statement issued by the carpet maker Wednesday denying any current monopolistic practices

The project to extend the canal was completed in a year, and is being hailed by the Egyptian government as 'Egypt's gift to the world'

Unrated bonds allow small and medium-sized enterprises to access the bond market without going through long and expensive credit rating process

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