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Al-Zahf Al-Mokadas (The Sacred March) of Sherif Younis is a concise and in-depth narrative on the creation of the republic in Egypt from 1952 and onwards.

Despite international and domestic pressure, Netanyahu appears determined to continue his war on Gaza regardless of the horrific humanitarian consequences.

People often indulge in festive versions of essential staples for the Eid Al-Adha, in this case bread and rice.

Cairo is engaged in parallel talks on a Gaza ceasefire and reconstruction of the Strip.

Sahar Abdallah talks about her contribution to help children heal and connect with who they are and learn about issues that matter for the nation.

Yaomiat Tabib Sinawi – Al-Sanawat Al-Egaf wa Mehnat Al-Ehtelal (A Doctor from Sinai: Memoir – Tough Years under Crippling Occupation) is not just a memoir of a man who grew up in Sinai under the Israeli occupation that started in 1967, but a testimony for what Israeli occupation was like.

With millions of Palestinians facing renewed displacement, Dina Ezzat examines the impact of Monday’s cross-border fire between Israeli and Egyptian security personnel and the latest Israeli massacre of Palestinian civilians.

Dina Ezzat examines the impact of Israel’s ground offensive in Rafah on already fraught Egyptian-Israeli relations.

World-acknowledged rights and development activist Anurdha Mittal talked about “the moral imperative to join the struggle” for freedom in Palestine.

History has been unethically manipulated to align with the Zionist narrative, both preceding and following the 1948 Palestinian Nakba, stated Atef Abu Seif, a Palestinian author and minister of culture, lamenting that insufficient efforts have been made to reverse this plight.

Egypt and other mediators scramble to contain the Israeli ground operation in Rafah.

Nabil Abdel-Fattah, Al-Moqawama wal-Horiya: Gaza wa-Sardiat Al-Botoula wal Ebada (Resistance and Liberty: Gaza and the Narratives of Heroism and Genocide), Cairo: Merit Publishing, 2024, pp300

In his novel Alam Yahoudah (The Passion of Judas), partially inspired by the biblical account of the disciple who gave away Jesus to the crucifixion, novelist Magued Wahib revisits and reconstructs the life and motives of the world’s most condemned traitor: Judas Iscariot.

What are the major challenges facing Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu as his country enters the seventh month of its war on Gaza?

Egypt is working with partners on a long-term scheme for regional stability.

Food historian Mennat-Allah Al-Dorry explains the origins of Egyptian Lent and Easter recipes and their place in the wider development of the country’s cuisine to Dina Ezzat.

The countdown to an Israeli ground offensive on Rafah has started.

It has been a few months since author and food blogger Heba Abdel-Alim celebrated the launch of her first novel, El-Hayat Le-Serial Maha Tawfik (The Secret Life of Maha Tawfik).

Al-Moussiqa Walgheina’ fi Felestine Qabl 1948 Wabaadaha (Music and Songs in Palestine Before and After 1948) is a book that is thoroughly about art as it is fully about politics.

Iran’s first ever direct attack on Israeli territory has changed the rules for all of the Middle East’s state and non-state actors.

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