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CIA Director William Burns traveled to Warsaw on Monday to meet with Israeli and Qatari officials to restart discussions over the Israeli captives held by Palestinian groups in Gaza, including Hamas, US officials said, according to media reports from Washington and Tel Aviv.

The Palestinian prisoners are again in the spotlight after Hamas captured more than 100 Israelis in the past two days, some of whom are military and police personnel, including high-ranking officers.

A recent report by the Spanish media about foreign mercenaries in the Israeli army opens the door to the possibility that Israel is using alternatives to its national military to deflate casualty reports coming out of Gaza.

As mediators exert efforts to secure the release of Israeli captives in Gaza, they need to tell the world about Palestinian captives in Israeli prisons as well.

A previously undisclosed document attributed to the Israeli Ministry of Intelligence proposes the permanent relocation of the Gaza Strip's population to Egypt's Sinai region and advocates engaging the international community to facilitate this plan.

During the Cairo Summit held on Saturday, Egypt’s President Abdel-Fattah El-Sisi emphasized his call for a sustainable opening of the Rafah crossing, a lifeline for humanitarian aid to flow into Gaza. On the other side of the border, the Palestinians demand aid, with no strings attached.

US President Joe Biden "confirmed" on Wednesday that he had seen pictures of "Israeli babies beheaded" by Hamas fighters in the Israeli Kibbutz of Kfar Aza, which is located near the Gaza Strip.

The tug-of-war continues inside Egypt’s biggest Islamist group while vision remains absent

Counter terrorism expert Peter Knoope talks to Ahram Online about IS and the ineffectiveness of military intervention, which displaces extremism while ignoring its causes

Diplomatic back-and-forth escalates, despite business and tourism remaining unaffected

Cabinet expected to approve amendments to protest law at a meeting on Thursday; activists hopeful law changes could lead to retrials of political prisoners

Simplistic condemnations of political violence fail to acknowledge the complexity of the relationship between injustice and violence, or to understand the fury of the disenfranchised who feel they have nothing left to live for

As Egypt's opposition warns of a wide crackdown, analysts do not think that President Morsi will declare a state of emergency

With turn out at just 33 pct in the first phase of Egypt's constitutional referendum, Ahram Online's Dina Samak says Egypt's political elite have lost the support of the man on the street

Coalition of opposition forces call on Egypt to vote 'no' in upcoming constitutional referendum provided judiciary supervise polling stations, polls take place on one day and NGO observers allowed to monitor process

For President Morsi's political opposition, the next few hours will decide whether it decides to vote 'no' in Saturday's constitutional referendum or boycott the scheduled poll entirely

As independent and partisan newspapers go on a one-day strike, hundreds of journalists march to Tahrir Square to announce their discontent

Presidential spokesman Yaser Ali tells Ahram Online that Thursday's constitutional declaration does not pave way for reinstatement of Egypt's Islamist-led People's Assembly

Morsi's absence from Tuesday funeral for slain border guards gives detractors another opportunity to denounce Egypt's beleaguered president

As newly-appointed PM prepares to unveil cabinet appointments, political groups and civil society voice fears that Egypt's new cabinet will be dominated by Brotherhood's Freedom and Justice Party

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