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Dina Shehata's Articles
Four women have come to represent the four main currents of today’s American politics

Could the Covid-19 pandemic spell the end of recent decades of globalisation

The results of the recent Senate elections give important indicators about future developments in Egyptian politics and the role of the political parties

With neoliberal economics being seen as unable to tackle the challenges of the 21st century, what other alternatives are there, asks Dina Shehata

A new feminine model of political leadership is promising to transform traditional models of power and authority, writes Dina Shehata

While the Arab world has already seen direct and indirect effects of climate change in its environs, grassroots movements for the environment are lacking and sorely needed

New charitable organisations and contributions from business people are increasingly becoming an alternative to public spending in areas such as education and healthcare

Could Algeria and Sudan be ahead of the Arab Spring countries on their paths towards political reform

The expansion of the real-estate sector in Egypt has not been a source of genuine social and economic development

Developments over the last decade have put in question the myth that liberal democracy is the end to which all countries are headed or that it constitutes the end of history

Could Egypt be heading in the direction of Latin America in terms of the growth of violent crime

The current controversy over the dance “the Keke challenge” is the latest instance of a widening gap between the young and the old in Egypt

Some of Egypt’s political parties may be on the verge of joining forces to create a new ruling party

What are the reasons behind the current rise of right-wing populist movements across the world

What best explains the weakness of many political parties in the Arab world

Though they have proliferated in Egypt particularly since the 1980s, successive governments have not given sufficient funding or priority to the country’s think tanks

Entrepreneurship has emerged as the new buzzword within the development community, but it is no substitute for sound public policies and substantial public investment

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