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What comes after the failure of yet another round of GERD tripartite negotiations

This year will see further efforts to fight corruption, which has been spreading worldwide during the Covid-19 pandemic, writes Doaa El-Bey

The need to reach an agreement on the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam is now more urgent than ever

Egyptian-Sudanese relations are growing closer as Cairo and Khartoum work together to head off the dangers posed by Addis Ababa’s intransigence over the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam

Veteran Egyptian diplomat El-Sayed Amin Shalaby explains his view of world affairs in an interview with Al-Ahram Weekly

The future of the Arab League lies in the hands of the organisation’s member states. So what do they want?

Al-Ahram Weekly reviews the outcome of the second edition of the Aswan Forum

The second edition of the Aswan Forum shed light on challenges facing the African continent. Covid-19 topped the list

The impact of Covid-19 is expected to dominate discussions at next month’s Aswan Forum

Two weeks before the activation of the East Mediterranean Gas Forum charter, countries from the Eastern Mediterranean and Gulf regions sought to intensify coordination

The Pakistani foreign minister’s visit to Egypt aims to consolidate bilateral ties

Could a stronger Egyptian-Sudanese stand nudge forward deadlocked negotiations on the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam?

Border tensions between Sudan and Ethiopia further complicate negotiations on the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam

Further economic and political reforms top Egypt’s to-do list this year

'The strategy reflects Egypt’s vision of itself, and how it wants to present itself to the world'

What underpins the Al-Ula reconciliation agreement between Qatar and the Quartet?

Tripartite negotiations over the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam hit yet another impasse

This week’s attempt to kickstart talks over the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam failed miserably

After 10 years of negotiations, Egypt, Ethiopia, and Sudan have yet to agree on the rules for the filling and operation of the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam. Al-Ahram Weekly reviews a decade of talks that led nowhere

The three Arab countries are taking serious steps towards coordinating their positions and meeting common political and economic challenges

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