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The issue of Palestine must once again be one of the homeland as a whole, not one of religious sites, as some want to paint the conflict

Fierce debate over Egypt’s identity and that of its citizens is recurring in its history, and is coming again to a peak now

Reports of hundreds of Al-Qaeda fighters entering Egypt in Sinai should prick the ears of those who wish to defend the January revolution

Generations of Arabs think the world is against them or envious of them, when in fact it is indifferent to them, sailing ahead into the future

Recognition of an independent Palestinian state by the UN General Assembly will be a great achievement and a step towards Palestinian membership of the UN

The debate over constitution versus elections first is essentially a struggle between those with a civic vision for Egypt and those who seek an Islamist state

In place of the old policies which were designed to safeguard the regime's interests, new approaches to the Palestinian question and other regional issues are being drawn up that will reflect Egypt's new voice

The writing of Egypt’s new permanent constitution is not something that should be controlled by one group, even if it wins all the seats in parliament

Egypt is being pushed to the brink of civil war by numerous forces that want to end the Arab Spring, assisted by the sectarian seeds planted by Sadat and nurtured by Mubarak

Emboldened by Egypt's revolution, the Palestinians have made their disputing leaders aware of the potential cost of not putting national interests first

The more Egyptians go to the polls the less seats will go to religious forces in the next parliament

Given everything Egypt has been through, can the Muslim Brotherhood continue to imagine that it can direct the Egyptian Revolution to its benefit?

Egypt is for all its citizens: the authorities must act swiftly to prevent sectarian strife from dividing the nation against itself

Until now, Israel has relied on the support of undemocratic regional regimes, but after the Egyptian Revolution this formula is no more

Now that the revolution has exposed the myth that the region will fall into the hands of Islamists if its dictators fall, Egyptians must guard against the tricks of the old regime as they move towards a civil state

The greatness of the 25 January Revolution was in returning to Egypt what it means to be Egyptian

With Mubarak’s fall, so too must the Pharaoh’s court be replaced by a pluralistic, open system of governance for Egypt to have a chance of emerging as a modern nation

By demonstrating its innate hostility to liberty flourishing in Egypt, Israel has put itself in direct confrontation with the will of the people

The young generation of Copts is destroying the old state-Church formula in a political evolution that may be necessary for the construction of a real civil society

If we are to seriously try to achieve the civil state we need to learn how to bolster its pillars, starting with coexistence and co-citizenship

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