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As Al-Ahram Weekly celebrates its 30th birthday, thoughts turn to its founding generation and to its continuing crucial role,

Egypt’s new government, while pressing ahead with reform, must give attention to the middle class, which has already started to crumble

The state attempted to create the support it needed. But reality is more complex, and real revival comes when synergy between the state and the people is organic

The escalation of tension between the US and Iran will sustain the proxy wars each has fought with its allies in Syria, Lebanon and Yemen

Restoring harmony, cohesion and strength to the 30 June 2013 front will be one of the main tasks of President Al-Sisi’s second term, which begins within weeks

Since military might alone is not enough, world crises are now being managed on Twitter and TV

Western plans to spread chaos in the Arab region were revealed this week in comments that will make discomforting reading for members of the Arab elite

President Abdel-Fattah Al-Sisi’s expected second term will see the country reaping economic rewards and continuing the fight against regional challenges

Compulsory voting should be considered in Egypt, to ingrain democratic practice in the citizenry

Without help or succumbing to pressure or colonial plots, Egypt has stood up strong on its own feet, confronting terrorism, protecting its identity and securing its national achievements

All states curtail freedoms in times of war or national emergency, including states that champion civil liberties

While it may seem that terrorist groups seek insecurity, in reality, they seek to shock and publicise. If they fail in either they are of no use to their paymasters

As well as fighting on the ground for its national interests, Egypt is facing a coordinated media war that it must win

Ignorant of the lessons of history, Turkey’s Erdogan continues to threaten Egypt’s core interests. He does so at his peril

For leftists and liberals in Egypt to echo the boycott tune of the terrorist Muslim Brotherhood is unacceptable, bordering on treason

The strong state is that blends and manages difference and diversity; the weak state is one where a solo voice echoes

Egypt is rebuilding, but the threats that have loomed in recent years remain. Vigilance can avert a backward slide

Irrespective of President Al-Sisi’s person, the upcoming elections are a foregone conclusion

Egypt has always supported the Sudanese people, but the regime in Khartoum under Al-Bashir has other plans

Egypt’s year in review appeared dominated by a collage of competing forces in all fields that cancel one another out.

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