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The feast of the Epiphany, falling on 19 January, is one of the most sacred days in the Coptic Christian calendar

A Kim-Trump summit between North Korea and the United States now looks to be on the cards

Thousands of African people have thus far drowned in the Mediterranean while trying to seek a better life in Europe, with thousands more having been lost in the Red Sea

African nations have demanded that US President Donald Trump apologise for last week’s racist slurs

US President Donald Trump’s first tweet of 2018 was about Washington’s relationship with Pakistan. Why

The Orlando incident has raised many questions

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Finding answers to why the Zika epidemic has struck at this particular moment in Brazil is the basis of any reactive health protection, while the implications of these answers could be hard to contain

Rubbish disposal, or the lack of it, prompted the "You Stink" campaign in Lebanon, which fast mushroomed into a civic movement that threatens to trash the country's confessional political system

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Taliban confirmed the death of its hardline leader Mullah Omar and Mullah Akhtar Mansour was chosen as his successor. The militant Islamist terrorist movement is, however, not united behind Mansour, so what are the repercussions?

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President Obama's five-day trip to the African continent put in focus a number of prickly issues. What was the US agenda and what will be the repercussions?

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The myth that racial discrimination in the United States came to an end after the civil rights movement was shattered in Charleston

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After ousting Libya's secular dictator, the US must now deal with the troublesome consequences of its ongoing flirtation with militant Islamism

The ugly legacy of 9/11 is devilishly hard to get right in Washington

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