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With the ongoing terrorist attacks and the rising anti-Muslim sentiment in Europe, will governments shift towards a tougher approach on immigration?

Most of the wounded were injured by live or rubber ammunition; Israeli settlers and soldiers systematically beat Palestinian protesters

'Arab nations must work hard' to combat terror said retired Egyptian general Sayed Ghoneim

One year since its rise, the Islamic State is painting a beautiful portrait of itself despite its bloody extremism

Ahram Online reviews the resume of the new Saudi foreign minister, elevated in a dramatic change in leading faces at the royal court in Riyadh

The deadline for a nuclear agreement is getting close, and both Iran and the West do not want the Yemeni crisis to be on the table. But should it be?

To be run in seven languages, the social media network apparently aims to boost support for the Islamic State militant group

Having condemned last week's armed attack on the offices of Charlie Hebdo, a number of Arab capitals and institutions condemn the action of the magazine in publishing a new cartoon of the Prophet Mohammed

Ahram Online investigates the abuse and mistreatment of women by Islamist militants

Electoral Commission says 14.04% of Tunisians have voted during the first hours of polling

General Assembly passes resolutions calling on Israel to end its nuclear weapons programme and sign the Non-Proliferation Treaty