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During the six weeks since the Israeli war on Gaza began, Israeli propaganda has been lurching from one fiction to the next.

Europe’s response to the war on Gaza marks a sharp shift from traditional perspectives.

Palestinians say the Israeli occupation army was attacking Shifa Hospital, Gaza’s largest. Israel claims that Hamas’s main command center is located underneath the hospital, but Arab media investigation video reports proved its insincerity.

Hizbullah is carefully assessing the situation before embarking on a confrontation with Israel, especially with the repercussions this could have for Syria and Lebanon, reports Haitham Nouri

The Israeli war on Gaza has demonstrated that freedom of expression in the West is a myth.

Terrorism is just one of the woes of the African Sahel region.

Morocco is adamant about regaining its vibrancy as it strives to overcome aid, construction, and tourism challenges in the wake of this month’s earthquake.

Natural disasters can bring countries at odds with each other closer together, as has been the case between Algeria and Morocco in the wake of last week’s earthquake.

Countries across the world have been offering their assistance to Morocco in the wake of last week’s earthquake.

Morocco and Libya are still counting the dead after the quake and storm shook the two African nations.

The coastal city of Derna in eastern Libya and surrounding areas were devastated by floods late Sunday caused by torrential rains brought by Storm Daniel.

Niger’s insistence on expelling the French ambassador may pose substantial threats to the West African country as well as its neighbours.

Following its war against the Tigray, the Ethiopian government is engaged in conflict with Amhara militias.

How much longer can the peoples of the African Sahel region endure its succession of coups and civil wars?

The West African states of Mali and Burkina Faso share a heavy legacy of military coups in their fight against terrorism and political instability.

The ten countries of the Sahel region of Africa, with a combined population of over 150 million people, are grappling with the devastating effects of climate change, weak governance, and a lack of political will to provide protection to their citizens.

Exploring the form any new negotiations over the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam will take.

Uncertainty surrounding Ukraine’s accession to NATO and an unsuccessful counterattack in the war against Russia have led to frustration in Kyiv.

The world has long been embroiled in conflicts over precious natural resources. However, since the mid-20th century, countries have become more acutely aware than ever of the looming threat of water scarcity.

Conflict over water in the Fertile Crescent and East Africa due to dam construction and climate change is harming livelihoods, increasing food insecurity, and fuelling international tensions, writes Haitham Nouri

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