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Ethiopia is preparing to hold general elections in June against a background of multiple conflicts between the government and the country’s ethnic groups

The Amharic language once symbolised the unity of Ethiopia, but today it stands on shaky ground

The last thing Sudan needs right now is intensified fighting in Darfur

Al-Ahram Weekly keeps up with the latest developments in Tigray

With the backing of only one-third of Myanmar’s population, the military have to face domestic demonstrations and international denunciation, reports Haitham Nouri

Loujain Al-Hathloul and others released from Saudi prisons reflect Riyadh’s eagerness to court Washington. Neither does the latter want to be on the wrong side of the kingdom

Ethiopia’s multi-ethnic composition has long been the source of feuds and blood‪ that‬ now pose a threat to the fragile Horn of Africa

The crisis in Yemen presents the new US administration with a difficult challenge. Reviewing the designation of the Houthis as a terrorist group is the first issue

Neither Sudan nor Ethiopia can afford to go to war over the border city of Fashqa, yet there has been no breakthrough in

A dispute over the border region of Fashqa has added to a long list of conflicts between Sudan and Ethiopia

Three years after the Arab Quartet boycotted Qatar, many factors suggest a rapprochement

Three years after the Arab Quartet boycotted Qatar, many factors suggest a rapprochement

Ethiopia today is reaping the rotten fruit of a decade of political and ethnic in-fighting

African democracy promised positive change for the continent in the first decade of the new millennium, but the second decade dashed the hopes of many African nations, writes Haitham Nouri

Al-Mahdi had been a controversial figure, politically and ideologically, since he took over the leadership from his father, Al-Seddiq Al-Mahdi, in 1961 until his death

The Ethiopian government’s war with the Tigray may worsen Sudan’s fragile economic and political conditions

The recent exchange of fire between Morocco and the Polisario Front over the Western Sahara has ended a 29-year-old truce over the disputed region

Ethiopia’s prime minister is cornered between Tigray conflicts and his failure to appease other ethnic groups, sparking concerns about national disintegration, reports Haitham Nouri

Ethiopia’s Nobel Peace Prize winner may drive his country to the abyss of civil war by pushing the army into the battlefield with the Tigrayans

Hundreds if not thousands of Ethiopians that fled their homeland in search of better prospects have met a worse fate

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