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Sudan’s political forces are split over the recent deal restoring Prime Minister Abdalla Hamdok to power, with some of them facing disintegration.

In Sudan, it seems impossible to satisfy the angry street, the army and civil forces all at once.

Conflicts in Ethiopia may spill over into neighbouring countries, threatening a regional catastrophe of huge proportions

Tigray People’s Liberation Front forces have declared they will march on the Ethiopian capital in a war that is becoming an existential crisis for the country, writes Haitham Nouri

Khartoum’s military and civilian camps stand poles apart, with no end to the showdown in sight

Cairo is closely monitoring developments in Sudan, its southern neighbour whose stability is integral to Egypt’s national security

Ongoing warfare in Marib, Al-Bayda, Shabwah and elsewhere in Yemen has created one of the worst humanitarian disasters in the world, second only to the manmade famine caused by the Ethiopian government’s war in the Tigray.

Is the military gaining more popular power in Sudan? Haitham Nouri dissects the body of alliances

The Nobel Peace Prize was awarded to two journalists last week for their efforts to ensure freedom of expression, but unfortunately not every prize winner has merited the award.

The disintegration of the Forces of Freedom and Change bodes ill for Sudan.

The recent coup attempt in Sudan has increased the popularity of the Sudanese military, writes Haitham Nouri

Corruption, instability and mismanagement threaten millions of Africans with famine, and the Middle East is right behind

The nationwide curfew mandated a ban on inter-city travel as well as gatherings of more than three people in public spaces

Wagdi Saleh, a member of the committee for the removal of the former regime, told Ahram Online from the capital Khartoum that the plotters were detained in the 'early hours of the coup'

Now that a new government has finally been formed, Lebanon is hoping to restore its political and economic balance with help from larger neighbours

Domestic policies and international relations will determine the fate of the government in Afghanistan

The Taliban takeover of Afghanistan will boost terrorist movements in the Middle East and Africa

France and Germany are trying to make amends for some of the horrors committed during the colonial and post-colonial era

In the wake of the 22-year-old journalist’s firing for her pro-Palestinian activism in college, AP staffers are asking for 'transparency' from the news outlet

The International Conference on Sudan has given the war-torn country a chance to recuperate, but not without peace reigning throughout the country

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