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Hani Mustafa saw Moon Knight

Last Friday the Egyptian entertainment industry lost one of its pillars. For over 60 years Samir Sabri was a compelling performer, producer and host, acting and signing as well as engaging prominent figures in some of the most memorable radio and television conversations.

Hani Mustafa looks at two suspense thrillers in this year’s Ramadan TV fare.

Al-Ahram Weekly highlights six of the 11th Luxor African Film Festival’s documentaries

Hani Mustafa introduces a new round of the Luxor African Film Festival

Al-Ahram Weekly sums up the controversy surrounding Netflix’s Arabic version of the Italian film Perfect Strangers.

Hani Mustafa enjoyed Nadine Khan’s second feature film

Al-Ahram Weekly celebrates 12 months of film.

Attending three films at the 43rd Cairo Film Festival, Hani Mustafa professes optimism

Al-Ahram Weekly attended the 43rd Cairo International Film Festival press conference on Sunday.

Takings stock of El Gouna Film Festival’s biggest controversy this year: film Reesh (Feathers)

From the political to the human, over five rounds El Gouna Film Festival has treated the audience to films from all over the world and in all kinds of styles

Reviewing the latest American production on Palestine: Oslo, produced and broadcast by HBO

Al-Ahram Weekly seeks out the theme of terrorism in this year’s Ramadan drama

Al-Ahram Weekly wraps up the Luxor African Film Festival

One can hardly believe it’s been a decade already

Curfew is Egyptian filmmaker Amir Ramses’s new offering

The renowned Egyptian screenwriter's main cause over his 53-year career was the plight of the deprived and the oppressed

It would be impossible to think about Arab cinema in 2011-2020 without taking into account the decade’s political and economic circumstances...

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