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Al-Ahram Weekly seeks out the theme of terrorism in this year’s Ramadan drama

Al-Ahram Weekly wraps up the Luxor African Film Festival

One can hardly believe it’s been a decade already

Curfew is Egyptian filmmaker Amir Ramses’s new offering

The renowned Egyptian screenwriter's main cause over his 53-year career was the plight of the deprived and the oppressed

It would be impossible to think about Arab cinema in 2011-2020 without taking into account the decade’s political and economic circumstances...

Al-Ahram Weekly reviews some of the Cairo Film Festival’s highlights

Al-Ahram Weekly reviews Ahmed Rashwan’s new film, a neo realist statement on immigration and closure

Ahram Weekly joins in the hysteria surrounding Egypt’s new Netflix series

This year viewers left El Gouna Film Festival satisfied with a selection of strong and important films from all over the world

Fourth edition of El Gouna Film Festival (GFF) takes place between 23 and 31 October

Ahram Weekly reviews the Eid film The Shrine Owner

A look at three televisions series: The Choice, The End and The Neighbourhood Leader

Over the many years, the filmmakers tackled an issue of global pandemics in their works. Egypt's share comes with Youssef Chahine's The Sixth Day, a movie touching on the cholera epidemic of 1947

The festival was among the last cultural activities held in Egypt before the shutdown of artistic events involving large gatherings

The film is director Emad Al-Bahat’s third long narrative after almost 13 years since his last film Al-Belyatsho (The Clown, 2007)

Hani Mustafa looks forward to the ninth Luxor African Film Festival

Directed by Mohamed Sakr, Ras El-Sana (New Year's Eve) was released across Egyptian cinemas on 5 February

Marianne Khoury’s latest film courageously speaks up about sensitive matters concerning her family in a film that was screened at IDFA and won the Audience Award at Cairo International Film Festival

Though the year 2019 had fewer independent films made, the Egyptian cinema field saw an improvement in terms of events, particularly in the festivals' sector

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