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Egypt has changed a lot since the 1950s and 1960s, yet our conceptions of the world and of the country are still shaped by out-dated understandings

The government of Sudan has been using media outlets to spread false allegations against Egypt, with potentially negative repercussions for relations between these two brotherly peoples

Did Sudan return to the policies of supporting terrorism that the regime had espoused back in the 1990s?

Some point to foreign media criticisms as evidence of a conspiracy against Egypt. But without real reform undertaken, we have only ourselves to blame

Muslim Brotherhood supporters cheer Erdogan's draconian authoritarianism because they are as opportunist and duplicitous as he is

The latest Israeli visit to Ethiopia had indications of a mutual wish for wider cooperation. Meanwhile, an Egyptian vision to address this move is nonexistant

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Turkish-Israeli diplomatic relations will resume without Turkey's two demands being met: lifting the embargo on Gaza and an Israeli apology for attacking a Turkish aid ship, killing and wounding activists

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