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The Committee of 50 should focus on writing a consensual constitution that is a true representation of society and its aspirations

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Egypt today is living the aftershocks of a major political earthquake — that the pre-30 June ruling power was actually a terrorist front

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Before the revolution, Hamas had much support among Egyptians, as a symbol of resistance; now it has become a source of serious threat

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As the Turkish experience of democratisation and Islamist party rule becomes more and more influential, what lessons does this model have for post-revolutionary Egypt

After yesterday, those who said the ruling military council would not allow Mubarak to face trial are left to eat their words

Under a new Secretary-General, the Arab League begins a new phase in its life

The departure of the Yemeni president to Saudi Arabia has changed the balance of power and opened the way to different scenarios emerging of the country's future

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Periods following the fall of a regime are often turbulent, but some appear to be embracing chaos in the name of the revolution

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Confounding his critics, Obama has delivered a bigger blow to Al-Qaeda than ever did his predecessor

The changing political winds in the Middle East helped guide Fatah and Hamas to reconcile, but if the deal is to endure it is the Palestinian leaders who must stand strong in the face of pressures and challenges

While the people learn, autocratic regimes look the other way and pretend not to see, because they are incapable of learning

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While the people should hold accountable the corrupted of the Mubarak era, also censured should be those who would drive the country to chaos, even in the name of revolution

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The future has opened up in Egypt, which could give rise to dreams or nightmares

Faced with a choice between indefinite chaos and a swift return to normality, the Egyptian people wisely chose the latter

Accepting the constitutional amendments is the best to make swift change; rejecting them opens the way to drift and lost momentum for the 25 January Revolution

Those who are turning against the army are ignorant of the role it played in the revolution and its status as the last bulwark against anarchy

The key role of young activists in organizing the protests that lead to a revolution does not prevent the participation of other groups in the formation of a state that should reflect the ideals of its revolution

After taking their time to join in, the Muslim Brotherhood became a key element in defending the revolution but now they need to keep to their word if the pluralistic ideals of a new Egypt are to come true

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The bloodshed in Alexandria was not sectarian - it was national, bringing our country's flaws and problems to the fore. Where do we go from here?

Who leads and for what ends are two perennial questions that block the formation of a unified opposition in Egypt

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