Hazem Zohny's Articles

Demonstrators are calling for a million protesters to join together on Friday in Tahrir Square

Eye witnesses claim police officer shot and killed a microbus driver in Maadi. Immediately after, protesters set fire to two police cars

Three chairmen, a chief editor and the head of the Press Syndicate resign today

Weary of hypocrisy, state-run newspaper journalists demand their chief editors resign

The National Association for Change presents a detailed account of how Egypt's transitional period should be managed

Workers call on the dissolution of the state-controlled Trade Union Federation in the hope of creating independent labour unions

As tents and barricades are taken down in Tahrir Square, triumphant protesters await to be comforted by a fourth military communiqué

Ahram Online reporter Hazem Zohny recounts his experience of being attacked by a mob on account of apparently being an “Israeli journalist”

Detainees are haphazardly accused of varying offenses, some formally charged while many remain unidentified

UN’s Special Rapporteur on freedom of opinion and expression, Frank La Rue discusses freedom of expression and the internet at Cairo's Journalists Syndicate

Blogs are cropping up to try and pool together all the region-related Wikileaks in Arabic.

Ahram Online looks at how Egypt’s media covered news of an Egyptian spying for Israel

A majority of Egypt's truck drivers remained on strike, occasionally resorting to violence against strike-breakers, and with failed negotiations, there is as yet no end in sight

Trucking strike brought on by new traffic regulations come to a temporary end as drivers associations test government's commitment to their demands

A campaign utilizing social media is calling for "Zionist" M&S not to be allowed to open in Egypt

From conspiracy theories to simply bad theories, Ahram Online overviews the media’s coverage of the recent shark attacks.

The question is whether its position as a force will last

Ahram Online looks at the role played by Twitter in disseminating the punchlines of the 28 Nov. poll

The party says election fraud was worse than expected