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European and Arab leaders will be meeting next weekend in Sharm El-Sheikh to discuss issues including irregular migration across the Mediterranean Sea

The race for power and influence between the US and China in the East Africa and Red Sea region can only speed up in the coming years

The Red Sea has been the focus of accelerating competition in recent years, with many Gulf and Middle Eastern countries expressing their interest in the region

How has China managed to become the driving force of the global economy in just the last 30 years

Military and security measures are needed to control terrorism in Sinai. But a long-term solution must address the economic and social dimension of the problems in the peninsula

How to defeat the Islamic State without bolstering Bashar Al-Assad's regime is a conundrum at the centre of the US-led anti-ISIL coalition, with Saudi Arabia less concerned about ISIL than getting rid of Al-Assad for good

What conclusions can we draw from seven weeks of Israeli aggression on the Gaza Strip?

Israel's ground offensive seeks to impose calm militarily. But Hamas, in declining Egypt's ceasefire initiative, wants to use the conflict as a bargaining chip, while gaining popularity over Fatah

Several factors were behind the ex-army chief's recent landslide victory

The agreement to form a national unity government signed by Fatah and Hamas is the result of the political and economic weakness of Hamas due to the recent changes in the Middle East

The ongoing civil war in Syria, without a solution in sight, could have a dangerous impact beyond its borders

Egypt-Syria relations have taken numerous turns since the United Arab Republic of 1958. At present, Cairo's chief concern is Syria's disintegration according to religious criteria

Declaring the Muslim Brotherhood a terrorist group reduces to nil chances of reconciliation with the group, while raising the profile of a military candidate for president

While the ultraconservative Salafist Nour Party lost the battle over Egypt's new constitution, it is likely they will survive politically, and could even take the lead in the Islamist movement

Egypt's largest Islamist organisation has adopted a strategy of defiance and resistance since the fall of president Mohammad Morsi. Will it pay off?

What is the fate of existing religious parties in Egypt, which have real popular support? And are we seeing the return of the former regime?

The change in Qatar's ruler could, and pragmatically should in time, allow the emirate to improve its relations with Egypt, cutting losses incurred from supporting the Muslim Brotherhood

The unprecedented offensive pitting the Egyptian army against jihadist groups in northern Sinai continues unabated. But can the military option really offer a sustainable solution?

Egypt's 50-member constitution-drafting committee is dominated by secularists and is working to 'de-Islamise' the country's 2012 charter

For Saudi Arabia, the UAE and Kuwait, the fall of the Muslim Brotherhood is a boon, which is why they are running to provide assistance to post-30 June Egypt

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