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What might the Middle East expect of Joe Biden, asks Hussein Haridy

What, asks Hussein Haridy, does resuming diplomatic relations with Qatar mean?

The new Biden administration in the US should work with all the parties concerned in the Middle East to push for a negotiated solution to the Palestinian-Israeli conflict based on the 2003 roadmap

The history of Egypt’s foreign policy over the last 10 years has reflected the political changes that have taken place in the country

Will the Biden administration return to the two-state solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict

Joe Biden appears set to usher in a return to traditional US foreign policy baselines on democracy and rights. How will this impact the Middle East

With Gulf normalisation with Israel, a new strategic landscape is emerging in the region, one from which Egypt would do well to remain independent

While strategic considerations have mostly transcended personal connections between US and Egyptian leaders, there have been times when the latter have been decisive

The world has welcomed President-elect Biden, in the hope that US moral authority, so tarnished under Trump, will again be restored

France alone cannot fight Islamist radicalism. It needs the help of all European countries and those beyond, including Egypt, also fighting the same extremism

Last Friday saw a breakthrough agreement on a permanent ceasefire in the Libyan conflict. One can only hope that implementation proceeds smoothly

Working together, Spain and Egypt can be instrumental in bringing peaceful coexistence to the Mediterranean Basin

With the passing of Kuwait’s Sheikh Al-Sabah, the Arab world has lost a tower of wisdom

The existential question facing France and other European societies relative to Islam is how to bring up young Muslim generations believing in a common destiny with these societies, writes Hussein Haridy

Regardless US-Israeli plans, the Palestinian question cannot be erased when it concerns the lives and fates of seven million people

After a summer of rising tensions, it appears that Turkish provocations in the Eastern Mediterranean may be coming to an end

With Bahrain following the UAE in making peace with Israel, the region has entered a new phase in its history

With the US stepping back and refocusing on China, France appears poised to play a greater role in the Middle East and North Africa, a role welcomed by Arab governments

Moves to establish a tripartite mechanism of cooperation among Egypt, Jordan and Iraq could provide an important counterbalance to US-Israeli regional hegemony

The announcement of a ceasefire agreement in Libya is a welcome development in a country that was teetering on the edge of total collapse, writes Hussein Haridy

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