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The announcement by Donald Trump that Israel and the UAE will normalise relations has sent shockwaves across the Arab region, upturning old certainties

It is time for foreign and regional powers that have long been meddling in Lebanon’s polity and beyond to cease

Signals begin to appear on the Arab landscape that the paralysis of the last nine and a half years, in terms of finding Arab solutions to Arab problems, is over

Egypt has clarified its position on Libya, giving a face-saving doorway to the Tripoli government. Will it take it?

Turkish military intervention in Libya has catapulted the region to its most dangerous brink in years. While Egypt didn’t choose this path, it is obliged to stand firm on it

The US and other world powers are playing a cat and mouse game of containing a rising China. But it is a game none will win

Egypt and most Arab countries have decided to confront Turkey in Libya. They must stand firm, regardless the cost

Egypt has put its cards on the table: it will not stand by and see Turkish intervention in Libya threaten national and regional security

High hopes that accompanied the 2018 Sentosa Summit came to naught. But a lasting peace on the Korean Peninsula is a lofty goal still worth pursuing

While renewing calls for a political solution in Libya, Egypt is warning against escalation that could threaten regional peace. But as the balance shifts on the ground, resolution might be more difficult than ever.

As conflict on the ground intensifies in Libya, Egypt must rethink its options, writes Hussein Haridy

Libya is no closer to peace, thanks largely to Turkish meddling

It is imperative that Egypt gets back to work, while keeping the spread of coronavirus under firm control, writes Hussein Haridy

After a brief lull in the war of words between Beijing and Washington, the latter is ramping up its rhetoric. It won’t help stem the coronavirus pandemic

Although the coronavirus has challenged the globalisation process as never before, multilateralism is the only way through

Can the world act together to confront and defeat the coronavirus pandemic, or will old divisions prevail, asks Hussein Haridy

In the wake of Covid-19, Washington in all likelihood will remain a leading superpower, but will not be the sole arbiter of world affairs

While the international community is slowly rising to its collective responsibility in the face of the coronavirus pandemic, the Arab world is lagging behind

Already wracked by conflict, the Arab world needs a financial rescue plan if it is to survive the aftermath of the coronavirus pandemic

With the world in pandemic lockdown, Hussein Haridy examines the state and prospects of regional dynamics and affairs

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