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Despite the challenges China is facing, its rise to global power appears unstoppable, as Washington should well note

Despite rising regional tensions, signs emerged at the UN General Assembly of a tentative coming together among regional and international powers on shared interests and goals, writes Hussein Haridy

With Trump reluctant to take military action against Iran, the Arabs are painted into a corner and should rethink their strategic relation with Washington, writes Hussein Haridy

The map of the Middle East is being redrawn politically and geostrategically. Or so Trump administration officials hope, writes Hussein Haridy

The world continues to await the so-called Deal of the Century, while nothing suggests that sustainable peace will be one of its outcomes

France has been pushing to halt the escalation between Iran and the US, but if hawks prevail on all sides, the success of its efforts will remain in doubt, writes Hussein Haridy

This year’s G7 Summit was testament to a depth of tensions among major powers rarely seen in recent decades

North Korean missile tests, on the one hand, and US projections of bolstering its military presence in Asia, on the other, cloud the prospects of peace on the Korean Peninsula

Unless the US administration adopts a conciliatory approach towards Iran, a diplomatic solution is unlikely

A complex three-way deterrence is at work between the US, Iran and the EU, one that Israel could upset, even if it lasts without war, writes Hussein Haridy

Trump’s unprecedented personal attack on the British ambassador in Washington could shake the special relationship the two countries have shared for decades

If talks are to bring results, the Trump administration must drop its maximalist demands on North Korea

Jared Kushner believes that the national aspirations of the Palestinians can be bought off with economic projects. He is unlikely to be right

While Washington thinks it has Tehran under pressure, it is Iran that appears to have the upper hand in their present confrontation

Flaring tensions in the Gulf can only be addressed by a regional balance of power that serves the security, territorial integrity and sovereignty of all its nations

If leading Arab countries are serious about curbing Iranian influence in the Middle East, Syria is the place to start

The challenges that abound in the Middle East region will not be resolved by catering only to Israeli interests

Despite the rise in political temperatures in the Gulf, Egypt should focus on its western front with Libya and Sinai

Indications are, by way of recent events, that the US and Israel are gearing up to impose an unfair peace on the Palestinians in return for a concord between the US and Russia

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