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Imagine a child as young as four or five years old, unable to walk and play, suffering from continuous bruising and bleeding, forced by his condition into a state of obligatory rest and inactivity.

Google Assistant has launched a new service that will respond to queries in Arabic about emotional wellbeing and coping mechanisms. Ahram Online probes into the new initiative

El-Sagheer was best known for revolutionising the salon industry

In March, the WHO said COVID-19 is not airborne, and now it is backing evidence that states otherwise. Experts shed light on what we should be aware of

Amid challenges imposed by the pandemic, the Magdi Yacoub Heart Foundation agreed to treat Salma's rare cardiovascular disease, bringing a smile of hope in times of fear and uncertainty

Marian Bahader explains the idea behind the groundbreaking Facebook platform that provides helpful tips, life skills, and challenging notions in a light-hearted way to an Arab audience

Ahram Online talks to one of the best known Egyptians in the field of philanthropy about reaching out to burn victims, as well as society in the time of Coronavirus

Symptoms of coronavirus vary in intensity from one person to another. Health ministry guidelines indicate when and how to self-quarantine, and when quarantine alone is insufficient

Dr. Mohammed Abu Al Ghar, professor of gynaecology, discusses the possible link with Ahram Online

The internationally renowned heart surgeon took the time to reach out to his fellow citizens with words from the heart

Ahram Online presents a shortened compilation of what we know about novel corona virus and a guideline of protection

The renowned Egyptian architect speaks to Ahram Online about her design philosophy, projects of excellence and giving back to society

Cairo's fitness-lovers were up early on Friday to celebrate the third anniversary of the founding of the running group

The Zamalek streets are expected to pound with thousands of runners taking part in the third anniversary of Cairo Runners. Chocolate is the event's main theme

Zamalek witnessed a gathering hosted by the Breast Cancer Foundation in Egypt, to give its guests a glimpse of the in-trend therapy

As the population reaches a whopping 90 million, experts convene in Egypt to discuss the latest statistics and family planning conceptions and methods

Several events have been launched recently to raise awareness among Egyptians about HIV/AIDS; on Saturday, Cairo will witness an event were graffiti art will play a role in shedding more light on the issue

The campaign highlights alarming cancer rates in Egypt and calls for unity in the face of the problem

Social media proves to be a mighty tool for supporting sick children