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James Zogby's Articles
What is the significance of Washington recognising the Armenian Genocide

Experiencing fear and loathing in a review of the results of the Israeli election

Assessing the ongoing Israeli election

Digging deep into the discontent driving the white nationalist movement

James Zogby assesses the last two decades of American politics

After Bush,Obama and Trump, James Zogby considers how Joe Biden might approach the Middle East

Diverse but sharing common values, US Arab Americans continue to stand by their heritage and build their collective identity

This year’s presidential election in the United States is as much about the future of democracy in America as anything else

The rise of discriminatory rhetoric and policies, engendered for political gain, has to be rolled back

Trump wants to say that radicals have distorted US history, poisoning the narrative of American glory. He is wrong, writes James Zogby

'By focusing their wrath on the recent UAE-Israel accord, the Palestinian leaders missed the mark. The UAE’s move to normalize in order to stop annexation is not the cause of Palestinian woes'

For decades, the pro-Israel lobby was able to carry the day in Congress. But change is coming, writes James Zogby

The denial of Arab rights remains the cornerstone of Israeli politics, with no apparent end of this afront in sight, writes James Zogby

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