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Libya is heading towards a new dialogue despite the new election laws, reports Kamel Abdallah

Thousands of dead, wounded, missing, and displaced barely begin to speak of the scale of the humanitarian tragedy that Storm Daniel left in its wake in Derna and other parts of eastern Libya last week.

Morocco and Libya are still counting the dead after the quake and storm shook the two African nations.

Last week’s earthquake south of the Moroccan city of Marrakesh could deal a devastating blow to the country’s economy, writes Kamel Abdallah

Kamel Abdallah reports on the recent furore in Libya following a National Unity minister meeting her Israeli counterpart

The Libyan capital Tripoli saw violent clashes between rival militias this week, raising fears about the fragile security situation in the country.

The long-awaited general elections in Libya seem as far away as ever despite the political manoeuvres of the country’s leading stakeholders.

Rome hosted the first International Conference on Development and Migration.

The UN Special Envoy and Head of the UN Support Mission in Libya (UNSMIL) Abdoulaye Bathily has recently addressed the international community again.

According to the website Africa Intelligence this week, Paris is to hold a security summit on Libya in the next few days — to include military and security leaders — in the hope of restoring France’s eroded security influence in Libya and Africa.

There are fears that the conflict in Sudan could escalate to include militia groups currently in Libya and other neighbouring countries.

The Western powers are trying to steer Libya towards elections against a background of important differences among Libyan stakeholders and participants in the UN process.

Local political efforts as well as diplomatic and intelligence moves by foreign powers have been made this month in an attempt to end Libya’s political stalemate. Those efforts included meetings of local players, leaders of international and regional intelligence services, and diplomatic figures.

The UN and Germany are trying to revive Berlin process.

New initiatives in Libya may be on their way to breaking the political stalemate in the country and issue in legislative and presidential elections.

Cairo remains in contact with players from across Libya’s political spectrum, writes Kamel Abdallah

What the new UN envoy to Libya might expect.

Clashes broke out between forces loyal to Libyan National Unity Prime Minister Abdel-Hamid Dbeibah and prime minister designated by the Tobruk parliament Fathi Bashagha last weekend, reports Kamel Abdallah

Tunisians voted on a new constitution this week that gives the country’s president much greater powers, writes Kamel Abdallah in Tunis

An unprecedented rapprochement has occurred between Abdul-Hamid Al-Dbeibah and Khalifa Haftar.

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